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How to Get a Russian Woman Interested in You

How to Get a Russian Woman Interested in You

Russian women are open and the same time reserved, passionate inside and cold from the outside. Such a dual nature of Slavic girls often makes foreign men puzzle their brains over the way of approaching Russian beauties and communicating with them successfully. Irrespective of whether you’ve just met a Russian girl or you’re already on a date with her, you may wonder what you should do and say in order to win her heart.

Show your confidence.
Those men who know what they want, have a purpose in life, and can demonstrate it without coming across as cheeky, will definitely interest a Russian woman. Confidence is something that women consider manly that is why they are subconsciously attracted to self-confident guys. However, Russian girls clearly distinguish between confident and overconfident or vain men. Once they see a guy is just boasting and showing off, they will turn him down, for sure.

Maintain eye contact.
Looking your interlocutor in the eyes means you’re listening carefully and you feel comfortable communicating with them. It’s totally inconceivable to chat with a girl simultaneously looking around and staring at other girls passing you by. Not only is this rude, but also she may feel embarrassed.

Know Her Food
The Russian cuisine is not something everyone wants to try. It is not famous and it does not involve any world renowned dishes. However, it does mean something for Russians, who are naturally proud of their heritage and culture. From this point of view, do not make fun or mention anything about their food.

If you are interested to date and get married eventually, you should know that home cooked food will be part of the game too. Therefore, it pays off getting used to a few Russian dishes. The pelmeni is among the most popular ones, not to mention the borscht. Russian salads are not to be overlooked either.

Always look your best.
If you’re just approaching or already dating a Russian girl, make sure you are well-groomed and dressed when you’re with her. Russian women do everything to look their best on a daily basis and they want a neat man by their side. You have more chances to get a woman interested in you wearing a clean shirt and a nice jacket rather than sloppy T-shirt and baggy trousers. Also, use your cologne moderately. Even if you overdo with it, your nose will get used to it during the day but other people including a girl whom you approach will be suffocating near you.

Compliment her.
Russian culture has the different perception of compliments. They value sincerity and any compliment has a shade of exaggeration. That is why if you really want to compliment a Russian woman, do it in the sincerest way. Since she hears those trite phrases about how beautiful she is almost every day, you should stand out from the crowd. Have a close look at her and try to find some special feature that is the most typical of her but not noticeable at first sight. If you’ve already noticed the most vivid trait of her character, tell her about it. The most important thing about compliments is their moderation; thus, don’t go too far bombing her with flattery.

Get to know her better.
People like to talk about themselves. Asking a Russian woman about her life, job, hobby, dreams, favorite pets, etc you’ll show her that you are really interested in her personality. That’s very important for women to feel that you care. Moreover, these questions will keep your conversation going in a relaxed fashion.

Make her laugh.
They say if a man gets a woman to smile, he is halfway to success. Indeed, Russian women like the men with a sense of humor. Jokes and humor are great when you need to relieve stress and create more easy-going atmosphere. Be careful: vulgar jokes will turn your woman off. On the contrary, witty and good-natured banter will do no harm.

Listen to her carefully.
Women appreciate it very much if a man listens to what they are saying very enthusiastically without interrupting. To show that you are really attentive, periodically ask her some questions concerning the points she touched upon. Not only you want to get her interested in you; she also wants to raise your interest in her. Don’t turn your conversation into a competition: who will outtalk whom. Control your speech and don’t talk endlessly without giving her an opportunity to chime in. On your part, be attentive to details and ask her during your next dates about something she told you but thought you wouldn’t remember. Prove to her that you were all ears.

Know when to end your conversation.
Either it’s your first chat at all or a conversation on the first date, you shouldn’t talk for too long and tell everything at once. It is advisable to end your talk early knowing that she wants more. Tell her that you have to go and take her number. This way, you’ll make her wait for your next date or, actually, the first date with such an interesting person like you.

Travel to Impress a Russian Girl

Russian girls love traveling. If you want to impress a Russian girl, you have to travel with her. Sometimes, a weekend getaway might do the trick for a few months. Other times, she will love planning the summer holiday with you.

Go to places that you have seen before, as well as new places that you too can discover together as a couple. There are always good offers and ideas around, without having to spend a fortune. Make sure you mention Russia too.

Be Romantic

Men in Russia are quite harsh and rough. Be a romantic gentleman and half your job will be done. If you want to take her out to dinner, find a romantic place and a good atmosphere. Make sure they have some of her favorite foods, but it may also help if you can get the staff to play her favorite music.

Candles add to the overall effect too – even if you have this dinner at home and not in a fancy restaurant. Have a slow dance before and you can congratulate yourself for the perfect date. Again, average men in Russia are less likely to do all these for a woman, so planning all these will certainly win her heart.

What features in men do Russian girls find attractive?

Talent. Very few people are interested in mediocrity. Fortunately, almost all men have various talents that distinguish them from others. Dating Russian girls, it's important to demonstrate your talent in business and not just in sweet songs and promises.

Ambitions. By the power of affecting sensitive women's hearts, ambitions can be compared to a love potion. Ambitions are not just an overgrown ego. They are an indicator of male determination. And even if everything suits you today – do not hide your ambitious desires from the woman. Your ambitions are equal to your potential. Diligence and ambitions are very attractive for women.

Coolness. Don’t scare women with a wild expression of uncontrolled emotions even if you communicate with Russian girls online. This will make them think about your inadequacy. After all, women want to see a model of stability and self-control in men. Let your loved one be sure that you will not lose your head in the time of

Cheerfulness. If you are not sure how to attract girls and it seems a difficult task to you, think about cheerfulness. Man’s ability to relax and positive vision of life in all its manifestations attract female attention. A workaholic who is concerned about business issues and can’t be in the moment will hardly seem attractive.

Sensitivity. When you meet a Russian woman, do not be afraid to admit your mistakes or ask for advice. But sensitivity should not mean helplessness. Some firmness and assertiveness are required.

Honesty. Be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Women unmistakably reveal falsehood. Shallow stories about his own greatness are one hundred percent sign of a loser.

The sense of humor. Everyone likes to laugh. And women, of course, like too. They are perfectly well aware that only a truly self-assured person can joke calmly about himself.  How to be attractive to girls? Don’t forget about a slight self-deprecation and the ability to notice funny and ridiculous things around you.

Tact. Take your time. If you want to meet a Russian girl or you might want something bigger, remember that rudeness is not the best way to please her. Women just don’t trust the wild and insane men. They feel that this can threaten them. Therefore, be attentive and careful.

So, how to attract a Russian woman in 10-steps?

Be a gentleman.
The simplest answer to the question is to show your good manners. What could be easier than such token of attention as to open a door of the car in front of a lady, to help with her a coat or to help with a heavy bag? Every girl dreams of a real prince who, as a rule, knows firsthand about good manners.

Don’t take your eyes off her.
Don’t show overt revitalization when other women come in sight and, moreover, do not flirt with them when you are on a date with your beloved Russian girl. It is impolite, and the girl may think that you are a lothario, and will avoid further communication. If you meet up the girl you know, don’t forget to introduce the ladies to each other. This will help avoid jealousy and mistrust.

Show your interest.
If you want to find a Russian woman who will become your one and only, don’t forget to show your interest in the girl. Tell her how glad you are to see her and ask when she will have time to meet with you again. Suggest a day, the time and place where you would like to invite her. At the same time, you will know if she is ready to meet you again.

Give flowers.
Every Russian girl will like an amazing bouquet of flowers, even a bunch of field flowers. Don’t look for a special occasion to give a bouquet. If you don’t have time to buy and give flowers yourself, use numerous delivery services and surprise your beloved girl. An ordered bouquet can be delivered directly to the office or home.

Keep calm.
Stay calm even in a stressful situation. A calm man who knows what to do will attract any woman. Stop worrying for nothing. Even if you quarrel, try to argue reasonably rather than prove stubbornly your point. Now you know how to attract a girl, even when something unforeseen happens.

Make friends with her loved ones.
The girl will be really happy if her family and friends find a common language with you. Therefore, try to be nice not only with the girl but also with her dear people. If you are going to meet her relatives, never come empty-handed. Flowers and small presents will be a sign of respect and will emphasize your attention towards her family.

Don’t forget about your own interests.
Although caring for your beloved woman plays a big role in your life, don’t forget about your own hobbies and interests. How would a girl like a man who doesn’t have any interests? Don’t forget to meet with friends and don’t abandon your hobbies and sports in order to spend one more evening with her. Thus, you will not only remain true to yourself but will also maintain the interest of your beloved woman in you.

Be punctual.
Don’t keep a Russian girl waiting for you. If you are late, call her and tell about that. Of course, everyone can understand delays due to a traffic jam or a really unforeseen event but don’t make that a regular thing.

Introduce the girl to your family.
If you introduce your beloved one to your family, this will once again emphasize the seriousness of your intent. In addition, she will see in what environment you have grown up and, probably, will see you from the new side, the better one.

Make surprises.
Surprise your beloved with small but pleasant gifts for no reason. Remember what she admired recently, perhaps a beautiful scarf or a book she would like to read. Leave your surprise on the table or in some conspicuous place and wait for her reaction. Happiness and enthusiasm are guaranteed!

This 10-step strategy will help answer the question of how to attract a Russian girl and win her heart. You have probably heard many things from that list. How often do you pay attention and care for your loved one? Think about that in order to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings and to strengthen your relationship.


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