Friday, October 11, 2019

How Hrithik Roshan Transformed For His Role In War

We know from Hrithik Roshan's previous projects that the actor is comfortable experimenting with his onscreen appearances. From sporting multiple looks in Dhoom 2, to playing an educationist from Bihar in Super 30,

Hrithik has pulled-off a variety of looks with confidence. The reason we brought this up today is because on Thursday, the actor posted a video on his Instagram profile, titled "The other side of K.A.B.I.R," a transformation film which traces how he transformed into the character of Kabir for his recently-released film War.

Hrithik's transformation journey for War was anything but ordinary and the video reminds us of just that.

“It all began in September 2018”, Hrithik said, “the transformation was the hardest thing I had to go through and the only person I had to blame was myself”, he added, “that was his toss over after Super 30.” With the back injury becoming the hindrance the Superstar had a long way to achieve his goal but the tenure to reach there was extremely short.

Talking about the film's success with PTI, Hrithik said he is overjoyed and humbled about the number of records the film has created so far. "We wanted to make a film that raises the bar of action films in India and could truly compete with the best of action spectacles being made in the West. We are all delighted that War has done just that and is getting incredible love and appreciation from audiences across the world,: said Hrithik.

"War is a genre-defining action film and I'm extremely happy for the entire cast and crew of War because we all have given our all and more to make this film a cut above. I'm delighted that YRF has again done something completely out-of-the-box and given India a new action franchise," the actor said in a statement.


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