Tuesday, October 1, 2019

4 Effective Tricks That Can Guarantee IAS Success

Most of the aspirants wonder if there is formula right there just so that they can crack IAS/IPS. Many of us let a complete day pass scratching their mind what did the successful IAS candidates do better in their study phase and wants to imitate like them.

However, there is no secret formula or a magic tick, just the hard work and perseverance. How a company determines one's attitude, similarly person habits determine his career. Good habits always lead to success for those who are ready to work for their dream.  And we are going to list out top 5 effective habits common to all Successful UPSC servants who were once you and had climbed the ladder all the way to the IAS/IPS/PSC positions.

#Habit 1 Time Management

Effective time management is a vital ingredient of any successful IA candidature. Time ticks away slowly-slowly until you have an abundance of a task in a short time. So time productivity is of vitality for IAS aspirant and if you learn to manage time properly, then you are as good as a successful IAS aspirant.  Since IAS usually take about a year so it can very difficult for students to track down all the information in their mind after years of learning. So always start with a pre-planned study and the main thing is to stick it. Daily routine and subject overage on consistent and wide period is should be your priority. As IAS is a vast subject and so tracking of time ticks a complex problem. Availing coaching from top IAS coaching in Chandigarh will help you tune and stay on the IAS exam timely.

#Habit 2 Induct Selective Reading

It’s only fair that you can read everything on this earth. I would say it’s not impossible but the time frame for that will be greater than one life. IAS demands you to be selective and priories what you read and you’re reading sources. Don’t go for repetitive material instead select limited books of substance for every subject (say one or two). But at least ensure you have superficially go through the multiple version books.

#Habit 3 Note making Art

Writing while reading is the best formula to boost your studies and it thoroughly helps you in learning and grasping the data more adhesively. One thing Note making ensures that while your note down your notes; it helps you in highlighting the important points. Also, note-making helps you immensely at the time of revision as you were able to write and note the information in your dialect and can be shortened if you like.

#Habit 4 Practice as much as you can

To prepare for IAS take as many mock test sessions you can. As the saying goes the best way to learn is always through practicality. The mock tests not only help you tune your thinking process i.e. assessment & analysis of facts and thus arriving readily at conclusions. As you write more the write-up skills improves and answers will be readily coming into the paper. The mock tests practice also help you in time management skills as you are constantly building the stamina via your constant practice. Also, you will be able to learn from your own mistakes thus minimizing and perfecting the art of writing down the actual examination.


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