Monday, September 30, 2019

How to Improve Essay Writing Fast

Students are failing to find and hold jobs after graduating from colleges as they lack the practical skills necessary to succeed in the professional world. As a result, a certified mechanical engineer has to work as an essay writer at an IT firm because either there is a lack of job opportunities or the candidate lacks experience.

Hence, below are four things that must be re-evaluated and changed in 2019.

1.Improve the standardised methods of assessment in schools:

Every day you wake up to news claiming how the education system has failed its students. In Hong Kong and China, students are loaded with academic pressure to the extent that they become prone to mental illnesses like chronic anxiety and depression. It is estimated that approximately 1 in every five students has thought about suicide in their lifetime. This is an alarming figure and serious action must be taken to identify the root cause and resolve it.

However, one reason for the increasing pressure is the constant assigning of complicated and lengthy assignments. Moreover, when the skills and information that are required to attempt that paper are not facilitated, students become overly anxious. As a result, they pull off all-nighters, lose appetite, and become isolated from their close circle. Apart from this, several students have proclaimed that due to surprise quizzes, they have become supremely anxious as they get extremely fearful before entering their classroom.

Moreover, the current system of education primarily focuses on numbers, grades, and percentage. This is not only dangerous for mental health but also disappointing. Such grading standards have made students think of themselves as failures if they fail to attain good grades or achieve anything less than a B.

However, the attention should be given to teaching styles, and students must be encouraged to take up their academic journey enthusiastically and with a learning mindset.

2.Emphasise on bilingual education:

Globalisation is a real phenomenon, and the educational institutes need to become aware of it and address that change to students. With the rapid evolution, blurred boundaries, and countries tying knots, the upcoming generation needs to have a solid grasp on more than one language. Gone are the days when English was considered the universal language. Now, the only people who are majorly successful are the ones who hold fluency in at least two languages.

Academia, trade, economics, social climate, and innovation are some of the major fields that have openly accepted and encouraged change. Therefore, people of colour, different ethnicities, and culturally diverse individuals connect through professions. It is crucial to understand the language of the client you’re speaking to. In China, the majority of the population is fluent in Chinese and other local languages. Hence, if a person from the UK wants to start a business with anyone from China, he or she has to have basic knowledge of their language.

Therefore, this learning can only be effective during the school years as that is when your mind is easily expanded, and information is retained easily.

3.Special amendments and constitutional action must be taken to lower the cost of tuition:

One of the fundamental reasons, students drop out of college is because of the heavy tuition fees mandated. Getting education is a basic right, and every person should have access to education as that is the only thing that can allow them to grow and move along with the times. When young people are deprived of something as basic as education, the government or educational ministers are directly blamed for failing to constitute and implement competent and justified laws regarding the tuition fees.

To begin with, education should be free of cost. However, if that seems unfair and taxes seem essential, the overall expense should be reduced and in accordance with the person’s bank balance. Moreover, those students who choose to take loans from various social and educational services face severe financial stress the minute they graduate as, at that point, all they have is a loan to offload and that too, without a job. Moreover, by that time, the loan amount gets doubled due to interest and inflation policies. Hence, the problem requires immediate and focused attention.

4.Transference of technical and practical skills:

Academics have now become a rat race where everyone is trying to outdo the rest. They are running in a game where there are no rules, no rewards as such, and absolutely no route. On top of that, students are petrified by the stress and anxiety that comes along with this academic pressure. As a consequence, people have forgotten the joy of learning. Amidst student loans and academic pressure, students have lost track and joined an invisible race.

Moreover, teachers are mostly hired on a reference basis, and they aren’t properly evaluated during the recruitment process. As a result, they are weak and not trained appropriately. Thus, due to the lack of experience, they solely focus on teaching and covering the theoretical grounds meanwhile neglecting the technical and practical applications of learning. Furthermore, due to academic overload, students are concerned about the numbers and grades they achieve rather than what they are learning.

Therefore, teachers should begin by strengthening the basics of their subject. Then, they must install the ability to critically analyse, comprehensively examine, and make predictions about the respective construct. This will allow them the objectivity they need and require in the professional field.

Students are the future, and if they aren’t facilitated accordingly, the entire human population will grapple with hurdles and obstacles in growth. 


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