Friday, May 29, 2015

What Employers Look For in Candidates

The employer, in fact, looks for not only the professional experience and job related skills, but he want to find the variety of other characteristics and skills sets in a candidate. They want the candidates who do not only like the position and their company but are also capable of driving the company in new dimensions of progress.
Though there may be some factors which a candidate can not change or they are out of his control but may be there have been some factors from candidate which he did not notice. Here are some tips to understand what the employers want from candidates and how you should prepare yourself for these qualities. Have a look.
  1. Your appearance is the first impression on the employer. Be a well dressed and smart person. It adds value to your personality and appearance.
  2. Reveal the employer that you are a good listener and communicator. It is important to deal different situations in effective ways.
  3. Express the self-motivation. Taking extra time in answering the questions or making late decisions destroys the impression.
  4. Don’t express your nervousness by beating the table with nail, playing with your pen or twirling the tissue into pieces. Only you know that you are nervous, so keep your nerves, expressions and body language in your best control.
  5. Reveal them that you hold the ability to learn, whether you have the relevant experience or not. Show the flexibility and “I can do” attitude.
  6. The employer may be looking for a person who has efficient problem-solving skills. He should know the tricks and techniques to come out of any situation.
  7. Employer always needs a loyal, dedicated and reliable candidate, not only focusing the money earned.
  8. Your talking way should meet the impressive moral standards and your personality should be a good fit of culture and society. Your look carries more than half of the impression before you speak.
  9. They look for the enthusiasm to improve, solid business ethics and team-building skills for their business. So do hold and utilize your best opinions and strategies to make effectiveness.
  10. They look for a candidate who walks with them for their long term goals and objectives. If they feel you are just looking for a temporary job or not interested in any permanent work, it makes your hiring chances weaker.
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