Friday, May 29, 2015

How to Write a Scholarship Application

Scholarship Tips :

Scholarships provide financial aid for students. Need-based scholarships provide aid based on financial need and merit-based scholarships provide aid based on criteria such as academic performance, athletic ability and artistic talent. All scholarships require potential recipients to complete an application, and most require applicants to write essays.

Instructions :

1. Carefully read the entire application and follow the instructions. Pay attention to the due date and submission requirements.
2. Be honest. The scholarship committee wants to find out more about who you are, so let your voice come through in your application and answer all questions honestly.
3. Don't stray from the application questions. Make sure that all of your answers stay on topic. Read through your responses to ensure you are answering the questions. Even the best essays will be ignored unless they answer the questions that are posed.
4. Add lively, original imagery and action words to make your essay come alive in the reader's mind. The more memorable your essay is, the more the scholarship committee will remember your application.
5. Write in a natural, conversational voice. Don't use overly complicated words or make too much use of the thesaurus.
6. Edit and revise thoroughly. Invite teachers, friends and family to proofread your application. Ask them to check grammar, spelling and general content. The more you edit your application, the better it will be and the fewer errors it will contain.