Friday, May 29, 2015

How To Dress for a Job Interview (For Men)

It is important that no matter how good you are, you still have to wear the best dress to give the best impression. Unfair as it may seem but the world judges everyone, even men, by his clothing. So why not use this to your advantage? Wear a dress that will make you look like the best man for the job.

Follow the tips below when choosing the best job interview dress:

* Wear the common formal dress for men. This is a coat over a long-sleeve polo shirt with a simple tie. It’s safer to go with simpler prints or better yet, a polo shirt with plain color. Tuck this into your pair of slacks. Coat and slacks should be of the same fabric, too. Your tie can be of the same color as the coat but it’s okay if not. It can be a more intense color than your shirt or it can be a contrasting color to your shirt.
* An open collar is okay. This gives a more casual look. Do not wear a tie if you’ll open the collar. Also, unbutton only the top button. Don’t open more buttons if you wish to wear an open collar. Wear a coat over this shirt to make it look less casual.
* Wear a color-coordinated sweater during cold weather. You don’t have to suffer the chill of winter just because you want to dress ideally for the job interview. You can wear a sweater but it should be of solid color and should be color-coordinated with your shirt, coat, and tie.
* Remove earrings or any body piercings before the interview. It is inappropriate to wear body piercings during a formal interview like this.
* Hide tattoos, as much as possible. For some people, wearing a tattoo gives a bad impression. Hide those tattoos, especially if you’re eyeing a conservative job.
* Cut your hair before the interview. Well-groomed hair is the best for a job interview. If you can’t cut your long hair, at least comb it back so your facial features will be seen. Tie the hair with a ponytail holder that is the same color as your hair.
* Shave off your beard and mustache. If you can’t, at least make sure that these are well-groomed.
* Choose a silk tie. If this is too expensive for you, then go with a silk blend. It’s best to wear a simple tie clip also to keep your tie in place.
* Wear black leather shoes. Other colors are okay as long as they are coordinated with your clothing. Laced or loafer shoes are okay, too, as long as your shoes are leather or a man-made alternative.
* Socks should be color-coordinated with your dress trousers. Cover your legs with your socks so that they won’t show when your trouser legs pull up when sitting.
* Your belt should be the same color as your shoes. If not, it should at least match your clothing.

Other accessories can be worn for the job interview, but keep everything as simple and as plain as possible. It’s the safest way to go for most type of jobs. Also, don’t forget that dressing up well is only a part of it. You should speak well during your interview, too. How you answer the interview questions, and not how well you dressed, can make or break your chance of landing a job.

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