Friday, May 29, 2015

How to Choose Anti-aging Product

By: medicmagic

Almost every month we hear skin care products release their anti-aging products. And they all claim that their products are the best in eliminating fine lines or wrinkles on the face that arise due to our weakened collagen tissue.

So how do we choose the right antiaging product which really can remove wrinkles on the face? It is very easy, do not forget to read the label on the packaging and find the following active ingredients.

Vitamin A: Besides known as vitamin A, generally antiaging products will call it as retinol. By the skin, vitamin A which enters will be converted into retinol which functions to increase collagen production. “As we continue to produce collagen then there will be no more fine lines,” said Flor A. Mayoral, MD., A dermatologist at South Miami, United States.

Vitamin C: Functions not only to stimulate collagen but also to restore the brightness of the skin. Arthur W. Perry, MD., Assistant professor of plastic surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, suggested that we use it at night because it is faster to absorb to repair skin tissue.

Vitamin E: Note whether DL-alpha-tocopherol is written in the label. If so, then we had chosen right product. Because this active substance will protect us from cancer risks due to exposure to ultraviolet light. Not only that, the ultraviolet rays that can not successfully be resisted by skin will damage skin cells and then make our skin dry and fine lines will appear.

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA): Its function is to remove dead skin cells so that the regeneration of the skin can run optimally. Besides known as the AHA, the active ingredient is also listed as glycolic acid.

Vitamin B3 (niacin): This is a substance that serves as a shield for the skin cells. Because the way it works is to dispel the various toxins that can make the skin become unhealthy. An added bonus, this vitamin will also reduce irritation that comes when we use vitamin A too long.

Remember the names of these vitamins and do check and re-check when you want to buy tan antiaging cream, make sure that you select products containing these materials. Having the ability to choose the right product will also determine whether we succeed to remove wrinkles.

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