Friday, May 29, 2015

Causes of Cancer

Cancer is caused by multiple factors but it should be noted that an abundance of these factors does not automatically indicate cancer.

Causes of Cancer Cancer can be caused by factors such as:

* Aging : Old age causes a significant increase in the probability of cancer since most cancers occur above the age of 65. However, cancer can occur at any age as well.
* Tobacco use : Tobacco is one of the most common and preventable factors in cancer-related deaths. It accounts for more than 180,000 deaths in the US every year.
* Sunlight : The Sun emits many types of harmful radiation but Ultra Violet radiation is the most dangerous in terms causing Cancer. It causes degeneration of the skin which leads to skin cancer.
* Radiation : Apart from sun’s radiation, there are other sources of radiation on earth, including ionizing radiation, radioactive fallout, Radon gas and X rays. Ionizing radiation is caused by rays entering from outer space. Radioactive fallout occurs due to accidents at Nuclear plants or while testing atomic weapons. Radon gas is found in rocks and earth and is the primary cause of Cancer in miners. X rays are used in medical procedures so are not extremely harmful if exposed with appropriate measures.
* Chemical industry : There are several other chemicals found in the paint industry or construction work which can also lead to Cancer.
* Viruses : Certain viruses and bacteria can also be the cause of Cancer.
* Hormone supplements : Certain hormone supplements prescribed by doctors, such as estrogen and progestin, can have significant side effects which may lead to Cancer.
* Family history : Not all but certain types of Cancer can be passed on through genes and may affect multiple generations. These include melanoma (skin cancer) and cancers of the breast, ovary, colon and prostate.
* Alcohol consumption : Having large amounts of Alcohol can also lead to Cancer.
* Health imbalance : Poor diet or being overweight can also be the cause of Cancer.

These are not the only causes of Cancer however, but they are the primary reasons and people who have them or work in Cancer causing environments would be well-advised to consult a doctor.

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