Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tips to Kick-Start Your Career

Tips to Kick-Start Your Career
One of the most important areas of concern collegen students whoo plan on entering the workforce soon is in the internet. While it can be extremly helpful in finding internships and jobs, it can also cripple your career prospects. College students must pay extra attention to their use of the internet. Embrassing or inappropriate photos, message, opinions and documents can live on the interet for years, and can negatively impact a young person’s search for gainful employment.

Don’t embellish your resume
Compling a resume is the first step to finding a job – or even an intership while you’re attending college. Go to the job placement centre at your college or university to get tips on how to write effective a resume. Focus on using keywords and figures to highlight your strengths and to demonstrate increasing levels of responsibility.
Watch what you post online
Savvy employers use the internet, including social networking sites such as Linkedln, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Twitter, to not only scout new talent, but to determine if you’ll be a good fit for their organization. Avoid postings on Facebook or Twitter says you’re spending too much time on social networking sites rather than on your studies.

Build a work history
To get the experience needed to land the job of your dreams, college students and those just out of college may need to take jobs or internships that may not pay as much as they would like. You should also consider volunteering with non-profit organisation in order to gain critical skills, if you’re entering your junior year in college, it is not too soon to be seeking internships in the profession or industry that you’re interested in wrking in.

Good references
If you left your previous job in good standing, your former boss is more likely to give you a good references. The better the references, the more likely you’ll get that job you’re applying for it’s important to stay in touch with previous employers, and co-workers who can serve as refernces, professors, and coaches as at your college can serve as references.

Build your networks
It is not too soon to begin building a professional network of contacts while you are in college. Create a Linkedln page to begin promoting your experience, accomplishments, and skills, as well as to maintin your contacts with professors, mentors, and fellow students, it would be better to join professional associations in order to network with others in your chosen field.

Establish mentor relationships
Identify two to there working professionals in your profession from whom you can obtain, career advice and wisdom. Invite them for coffe to learn about what you can do to enhance your career direction.

Study the job market
While you’re in school, not after you graduate, is the time to study the job market and find out what industries are hiring and how much you can expect to be paid upon graduating form college. You may be passionate for what you’re studying, but it’s just as important to be realistic about your job prospects.


  1. Every youth has to go through these tips for successful career. Writing resume is an art and it’s the first impression of the applicant. Even the relationship with boss and colleagues play an important role in getting a new job. Using internet wisely for getting job is essential nowadays. This article is useful for everyone who is career conscious; regardless of whatever is his/her career option.