Sunday, December 11, 2011

Radio Announcer

Radio Announcer
You wake up in the morning and turn on the radio. On your way to school, you are trapped in the middle of traffic jam, you release your anger by listening to the radio. It seems that radio has a close relationship with our lives. No doubt! But can a radio program run well without a radio announcer spicing up the show? What is it like to be a radio announcer, actually?

Generally, a radio announcer has to become a DJ, a person who plays the songs and advertisements, mixing all the elements in the studio, so that both songs and advertisements can be heard in various ways. By doing this, radio announcers create their image as their listeners' best friends. They greet the listeners by discussing the hottest issues in different ways. But in some radio stations, an announcer is more than just a DJ. He or she is required to be able to operate all the tools. For such programs, the radio announcer is helped by the producers so that the program goes well with respect to target audience, their preferences, trends, etc. Sounds interesting, right?

The Requirements
Here are some requirements for the job: 
  • Have a good voice. You must have a clear and full voice. You must pronounced the "r" perfectly and the "s" without the wet impression. You don't need to shout at all because the microphone helps you to amplify your voice a good voice doesn't mean a beautiful : a good voice is easy to listen to.
  • Be broad-minded. Listeners want to get information from as a radio announcer. To broaden horizons you can watch TV, read magazines or newspapers, make as friends as many friends you can, because all this enables you to provide the hottest issues your audience. 
  • Be willing to talk. To make an impression as the listeners’ best friend, you have to be willing to talk, to explore what's on your mind and be communicative with the listeners.
  •  Have self confidence. You should have self confidence to start announcing a program, because without self confidence, you will find it hard to start a talk. Can you imagine a radio announcer who is too nervous or afraid to talk?
  • Be able to communicate in English. English is needed because as a radio announcer you will often play English songs and sometimes you must conduct an interview in English with foreign celebs.
  • Be creative. To vary the programs, you need to be creative in handling your show. Meanwhile, you are also required to use your imagination to be more communicative with the listeners.
The Advantages
Being paid for chatting and listening to the newest and great songs? Hmmm, that is so cool, isn't it? Moreover, as a radio announcer you'll get the chance to do side-jobs such as being a Master of Ceremony or doing the vocals for radio advertisements. Having a career in radio is also lucrative as you do not always have to become a radio announcer. There are some other jobs in radio, such as being a reporter, producer, member of a creative team, program director assistant, program director or even station manager. You also have a chance to be a famous announcer, some kind of “half celebrity”. Who you will get some surprises from listeners on your birthday or other occasions. Or maybe you can interview famous people who you have never thought would be possible before? 

So, if you meet the requirements and if you have dreams to become a radio announcer, why don't you try to go for it? Do you have the guts?


  1. Becoming Radio Announcer is a good career option. If you are genuinely interested in making careers in radio then career as Radio Announcer is quite a good decision. Three most essential qualities of being Radio Announcer is having a good voice, being a good listener and most importantly giving genuine and unbiased advice to listeners. If you think you have these qualities then go ahead.

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