Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet The New Me!

Meet The New Me!.
Give up your highly valued pathologies. Experiencing a lot of pain is not sensitivity-it is of dumb. Get rid of psychological garbage! (Abraham Maslow).

What would you do if the alarm clock next to your bed started going off, and no matter what you did to turn it of, it just kept getting louder… louder… and louder? Pretty soon, you’d be slapping it, or slamming it against the wall, or even beating it with a hammer… right?

Now just think about how often people commit suicide to end their depression; how many teenagers turn to drugs to cope with their uneasiness; how many people injure others; physically or emotionally, just to release their anger.

When you reflect on you own worst mistakes, isn’t it own worst mistakes, isn’t it almost always true that those mistakes made you feel bad about yourself? These negative emotions however are some of god’s best gifts. They are incredible alarm clocks designed to wake us up to take corrective action: NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS. The examples above show us that way too many people don’t know how to benefit from these gifts from god. So, wanna know how? Read on!

PICKING UP in The New Year
……I know I've got lots of things about me tat need to be corrected. The alarm clock beside me has been (join off, but I need to find ways to turn it off without damaging it because want this alarm clock to keep on waking me up....

I’II Be A New Me When….
I’m more flexible and spontaneous. I see life as an adventure. I'm like a courageous explorer going on an expedition into uncharted territory—I'm not sure what's gonna happen, but I'm confident it ill be exciting and growth producing, and lat I will discover new places and make new contributions.
I refuse to beat myself up over boo-boos. Everybody slips up once in a while. Being human means I have a long way to o before becoming perfect. I accept the fact that perfection isn't necessary so I can cut myself some slack and not be so defensive. When I face a failure, big or mall, I don't get so philosophical about it. I admit my error, learn from it and get on with my life. The only real mistake in life is le mistake not learned from. I'll do better next time.

I create my own limits. I don't work or study until I drop from exhaustion. I don't eat until I am overweight. I don't spend until there's no money left. I don't smoke until I suffer from lung cancer. I don't self-indulge until I screw up my life. I create my own limits to maximize my effectiveness. I take time for re-creation and exercise.

I stop gauging my self by what others think. I know that if I'm always trying to live up to somebody else's expectations, or if I constantly worry about the opinions of others, I'll be held way back. So I go inside myself and start believing that I can live my dreams. I stay true to my goals and let my determination shield me from the self-defeating attitude of others.

I change the things I can and accept the rest. I know I will never be Christina Aguilera or Craig David, but I can have as much confidence as she or he seems to have. I can get in shape, go for the clothes that bring out my best. I can accept my face and my body for what they are-and learn to love them, I can focus on the things I CAN do something about and work on to improve any situation I'm in.

I relate better with others. In me there's no such thing as duplicity, double-mindedness, or hypocrisy. I'm not into comparing, competing, or criticizing. People can depend on me to be honest, direct, non-manipulative, to make and keep commitment, to walk my talk. I listen and understand. I value differences. I learn to build on my strengths and work to complement my weaknesses with the strengths of others. I'm quick to forgive and don't carry grudges. I refuse to label, stereotype, categorize or prejudge anyone or anything.

I lend a helping hand. I see that-there's hardly anything that gives off the message that I feel okay about myself more than doing something nice for somebody else. No matter how busy I am, I take a little time to do anything I can to tutor a friend in a subject I'm good at; join a volunteer program that teaches children how to read: be part of a community clean-up program, or just pick up a pen someone has accidentally dropped. I'm genuinely happy for and help facilitate the success of others. What a major confidence-builder when I see that I've reached out and made a difference in somebody's life!

I'm continually learning and fostering a rich inner life. I'm constantly seeking to discover, understand, and align my life with what is true, best, healthy, and beautiful. I draw strength from regular spiritual renewal. I become more humble and teachable. I read widely and listen to ethers. I least on wisdom literature, I think, and I pray, in order to nurture meaning and purpose in my life. I'm continually educated by my experience and the experiences of other.

I enjoy life more. I don't condemn myself for every foolish or social blunder. I forgive myself and others. I don't brood about yesterday or daydream about tomorrow. I live sensibly and joyfully in the present, carefully plan for the future, and flexibly adapt to a changing environment. I develop a rich sense of humor, laughing often at myself, but never at the expense of others.

Well, think about it. It may require letting go—of excuses, wants, even our comfort zone. It may require us to take a stand that is unpopular, even illogical to others. But when we start exercising the true attributes of our heart, make a promise and keep it, set a goal and achieve it, we'll really stretch the boundaries of our self-esteem and confidence. As Rick Springfield said in his song “Ordinary Girl”: Nothing that matters comes easy: nothing that comes easy ever really matters. There's peace in it.