Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Healthy and Yummy Munchies

Healthy and Yummy Munchies
Munching on fruits or veggies is surely healthy. But sometimes we can't get them when we need them. What if we feel hungry on the way to or in the middle of our activity? Eating some ready-to-eat snacks is the answer. Why not go for traditional Indonesian snacks that we can buy in the market or from street vendors, but which can also be sold wrapped in nice packaging in a supermarket. But what about the ingredients? Will they jeopardize our health or, on the contrary, contribute to a healthy body? Let's check the contents of these yummy munchies.

This yummy traditional snack that's wrapped in banana leaf can give you energy and protein. You'll get carbohydrates from the glutinous rice and protein from the chicken or beef filling.

 This steamed snack is made of flour with green bean, beef, or chicken filling. The beef and chicken are the source of protein while the green bean gives you protein besides minerals, dietary fiber, and vitamins. It's surely a good snack.

Tempe and tofu are surely good since they're made of soybeans. It means they're rich in protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins. Banana is a source of carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins while cassava is a source of carbohydrates. But just like other fried snacks, please watch out for the frying oil.

It's just like lemper, but it gives you more protein and vitamins since a thin omelette instead of banana leaf is used as its wrapper. It's yummy and nutritious for sure.

The appetizing fragrance of the roasted banana leaf and fish meat makes us want to eat it. A piece of otak-otak consists of flour, fish meat, and coconut milk. The flour gives you carbohydrates, the fish meat protein, and the coconut milk calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Eaten with hot peanut sauce that is full of you vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and protein, this snack is healthy and yummy.

Besides carbohydrates that you can get from glutinous rice flour, you can get protein, minerals, dietary fiber, and vitamins from green bean, and anti oxidants from sesame seeds. Just watch out for the frying oil that's used for frying these snacks since the sellers sometimes use it too many times.

When you're hungry and what you can find in the sheet side warung by the street is only peanuts, choose the roasted kind so you don't need to worry about fat. Peanuts provide us with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and protein.