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Unusual Interview Questions Tips

Unusual Interview Questions Tips
Purpose of such questions is ofcourse to check the present mindedness and mental capabilities of a candidate, not for fun. Really! May be they are trying to test how much you know about employer or what is your general information level. The interview gets good impression of candidate if he is quick responsive and comfortable to reply such questions that fulfills the purpose of this strategy.

Here you can see some unusual questions that can be expected from an interviewer who is fond of making the interviewees shocked with their eye brow raised:
  1. If you could have super power, what it could be?
  2. If you get 100 million dollar, where you will spend it?
  3. What you would like to title yourself?
  4. How many gas stations are there in US?
  5. How many stairs you stepped up and down from your way of home to office?
  6. If you have only 2 months left to live, what you would long to do?
  7. Who is your favorite celebrity ad why?
  8. If you summarize your life in a short story, what would be its title?
  9. What you would like to take with you if you are asked to go alone to a desert?
  10. If you get an invisibility power, what you would act first?
  11. Do you think you have committed the biggest mistake of your life with being here?
  12. What do you know about our company and its role?
  13. Explain what is dijkstra algorithm?
  14. What would be the major improvements and developments you would make if you join our company?
  15. Do I rate like an interviewer?
  16. Are you feeling nervous?
  17. You just come to know that the person next to you is about to shot you, how you will react?
  18. How you will convince a customer for a product which he does not need at all?
  19. If you are stuck in the middle of a wide desert and you don’t know the way to escape, what would be your first strategy to come out?
  20. Suppose you have forgot something very important and you don’t know exactly what is it, what can make you remind it?

Things to Avoid in Interview

Things to Avoid in Interview

The interviewer usually does not want to listen to the extra things which cause to waste their time. Here you can find some valuable tips about the things which you should avoid during a job interview:

  1. Be always on time. It shows your care and punctuality. This is the first good impression you can put on the interviewer.
  2. Keep a smile on your face. Angry or aggressive mood leave your inflexible impression on the interviewer.
  3. Dress up appropriately and don’t use strong perfumes. It is the thing which explains you before you talk to someone.
  4. Don’t chew gum, drink or smoke before or during interview.
  5. Don’t tell incorrect information. If you try to change your statements frequently, it may reveal your interviewer that you are trying to hide something from your employer.
  6. Some people try to be creating a frank environment to justify their nervousness against the interviewer. Sometimes the interviewer provides a comfortable setting to provide ease in the interview. In such situation you need to keep your nerves calm and under your control. Don’t be frank with the interviewer and keep your attitude professional.
  7. You need to be ready for all usual and unusual questions. Don’t say the things showing your forgetful habit.
  8. Don’t bad-mouth to anyone before the interviewer. If you start saying bad comments about your previous employer, the interviewer may think you will say such things about him if you move on. So, don’t count the negative aspects of the previous employer.
  9. You must realize what they may expect from you. It is possible only when you have beforehand information about the company’s history, goals and running activities. It will also make you comfortable during the discussion.
  10. Switch your cell phone off. The ring or vibration of your cell phone can take your concentration out of the discussion.
  11. Don’t ask for permission to go out for cause of a phone call or toilet flush. It wastes the time of interviewer.
  12. Listen carefully to the words asked to you, don’t ask to repeat the words again and again. Be attentive to the questions and don’t keep silent when you are asked to reply.
  13. If your are asked the open ended questions, like “tell me about you?”, “why you want to do this job?”, “how you feel you are appropriate for this position?”, this is the best chance to speak your words to reveal your capabilities relevant to the job.
  14. Don’t show the feelings of disappointment, attitude of negligence or nervousness.
  15. Don’t cut the words of interviewer and don’t offer extra details. Simple state the to the point information to the questions and don’t talk too much.
  16. Keep your portfolio with you and don’t hesitate for any field test or even personality test which is going to be a common trend in interview strategies.
  17. Don’t put the blames on the previous company, boss or the society for your past failures if any. Take out the positive points and show that you have learned from your past career mistakes.

How to Deal With Difficult Boss

Deal With Difficult/Strict Boss
Majority of jobbers have some points in their lives when they had to deal with a difficult/strict boss. Almost all supervisors and bosses vary in personality and are being push for rudeness. Some people think that an abusive boss or supervisors are the victim of domestic problem that’s way they behave like this. Role of boss attracts certain controlling-type personalities because they crave the power and boss designation gives them authorities to control staff people. There are commanding motivating factors that allow a difficult supervisor to control people out of fear. No doubt we are not able to correct his behavior but we should never allow them to control our lives according to their personal will. A difficult boss is a challenge for everyone but there are some terms to handle the situation.
We have some strategies to deal with strict and difficult boss, if you want to be relaxed then follow them.
  1. Some people do not have much confidence to talk with supervisor or boss. They feel scared while discussing with boss on some matter owing to the boss’s obvious behavior. They get afraid of losing their job as the result of misunderstanding or conflict. So before dealing with your boss, it is better to prepare a meeting and discussion which you are going to talk with him/her.
  2. Make an honest analysis of your wok, job performance for the time, when your boss threats you for the performance if you have not been relaxed and lazy person. Then at that time, try to re-locate on the project in your hand.
  3. It is also possible that your boss is a good person but due to lack of your efficiency, his behavior is much rude towards you. So also make analyses of your performance and sincerity and try to change yourself instead of your boss.
  4. If you are happy with the company and do not want to skip just owing to the difficult boss, then develop relationship with some other supervisor of the related department and try to move in some other department under a new boss.
  5. Moreover make a list of your difficult boss’s bad, unprofessional and abusive behavior. Just write down fact, not your reaction.
  6. If your boss’ attitude is beyond to your toleration then write down a letter to your HR department with the fact report that you have made of your difficult boss. Human resources would do something for the solution of this misunderstanding between you and your boss.
  7. It is not good way to keep silent at the response of your difficult manager’s insulting and non-professional behavior. If he is letting you down and insulting you over nothing then reply just calmly it is best way to deal with a difficult boss in bad situation. If he is doing this to damage your efficiency then for somebody else then report to your most senior boss or Human Resources.
  8. It is not good to sacrifice your health by taking tension of your boss bad behavior. Problem will never be solved till we do not try to solve them. First try to change your strict boss attitude through your sincerity and devotion. But it does not mean to sacrifice your health by giving over time to your job just for the sake of boss’s pleasure.

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Kesalahan Berkas Lamaran Pekerjaan

Kesalahan Berkas Lamaran Pekerjaan
Berkas lamaran pekerjaan seharusnya berisi segala hal mengenai diri dan kelebihan Anda. Hal tersebut sebaiknya dibuat dengan ringkas, mudah dibaca, mudah dimengerti, dan menonjolkan alasan mengapa Anda yang sebaiknya dipilih untuk menempati pekerjaan yang Anda tuju itu. Sebelum dikirimkan, Anda harus membaca berulang-ulang untuk memastikan bahwa isinya sudah cukup tepat dan menceritakan tentang diri Anda. Anda mungkin butuh waktu berjam-jam untuk menyusun resume Anda, tetapi si pewawancara mungkin hanya butuh beberapa menit untuk membacanya. Ketika ada kesalahan, tanpa segan-segan melewatkan resume Anda.

Pastikan resume Anda dibaca lengkap serta tidak terempas begitu saja karena ada kesalahan umum yang sebenarnya bisa dihindari. Berikut adalah beberapa kesalahan umum yang bisa Anda hindari:
1. Tidak menyertakan surat pengantar lamaran
Surat lamaran pekerjaan (bukan curriculum vitae) bernilai penting pada saat pemrosesan pembacaan surat lamaran pekerjaan. Banyak perusahaan yang langsung membuang berkas lamaran pekerjaan yang tak menyertakan surat pengantar tersebut. Pastikan Anda menuliskan ringkasan riwayat diri Anda dengan tepat pada cover letter. Jelaskan mengenai kualifikasi Anda, jarak antara waktu kerja yang cukup jauh, serta informasi lain yang sekiranya dibutuhkan oleh perusahaan yang Anda tuju.

2. Berpikir bahwa salah ketik itu wajar
Dalam survei yang dilakukan kepada para human resources department (HRD), kesalahan yang tersering mereka lihat dalam resume adalah kesalahan pengetikan atau sering disebut "typo". Jangan segan untuk meminta orang lain membaca kembali berkas lamaran pekerjaan Anda untuk memastikan tidak ada kesalahan, apalagi jika Anda mengirim lamaran dalam bahasa Inggris atau bahasa lain yang sebenarnya belum Anda kuasai.

3. Terlalu generik
Ada banyak contoh penulisan surat lamaran pekerjaan yang bisa Anda contoh. Akan tetapi, saking umumnya, kadang para pembaca surat lamaran pekerjaan itu jadi hafal polanya. Nah, pastikan Anda menuliskan lamaran pekerjaan tepat guna dengan posisi yang Anda tuju. Buat surat lamaran pekerjaan Anda cukup personal dan tidak terlihat seperti Anda setengah hati melamarnya. Apalagi ternyata terselip nama perusahaan lain yang pernah Anda coba kirim lamaran. Uh, sudah pasti berkas Anda langsung disingkirkan.

4. Memfokuskan pada tugas, bukan hasil akhir
Ketimbang menuliskan daftar penugasan yang pernah Anda kerjakan, lebih baik Anda tuliskan apa saja hasil yang pernah Anda dapatkan dan bagaimana hal tersebut membantu perusahaan. Contoh, jika Anda pernah berhasil berkontribusi pada pendapatan perusahaan saat mencapai penghasilan tertinggi dalam sejarah dengan program yang Anda buat, maka tempat Anda melamar akan sangat tertarik pada Anda.

5. Obyektif egois
Para pencari pekerja akan mencoba melihat apakah Anda adalah kandidat yang tepat untuk posisi di lembaga mereka, jadi, apa pun yang ada di dalam resume Anda seharusnya merujuk kepada pengalaman dan keberhasilan Anda. Ringkasan kualifikasi yang menceritakan mengenai keberhasilan Anda akan lebih efektif ketimbang pernyataan tujuan Anda yang generik.

6. Format resume yang "berbunga-bunga"
Tentu, penggunaan kertas berwarna pink dan penggunaan huruf yang besar-kecil dengan warna yang berbeda-beda akan membuat berkas lamaran Anda terlihat berbeda dan menonjol, tetapi bukan dalam artian yang bagus. Biasakan untuk menuliskan resume menggunakan kertas dan font yang standar saja. Gunakan tipe font Arial atau Times New Roman berwarna hitam di atas kertas putih.

7. Salah cantum gelar dan tanggal
Salah satu kesalahan yang sering tertangkap adalah kesalahan pada pencantuman gelar. Ada yang saking bersemangatnya, gelar tersebut sudah dicantumkan pada saat ia mengirimkan lamaran, padahal wisuda atau kelulusannya baru akan diadakan bulan depan. Memaksakan hal tersebut bisa membuat Anda terlihat seperti "berbohong".

8. Alasan pergi dari kantor lama
Jangan mencantumkan sesuatu yang bernada negatif dalam resume Anda (juga saat wawancara kerja). Jika Anda meninggalkan posisi lama karena pengurangan tenaga kerja atau karena dipecat, sebaiknya ungkapkan hal tersebut hanya jika ditanya.

9. Mencantumkan terlalu banyak informasi personal
Jika tak ada hubungannya dengan karier Anda, tak usah cantumkan kegiatan pribadi Anda. Begitu pun dengan tinggi atau berat badan (kecuali memang diminta), afiliasi dalam bidang agama, orientasi seksual, hobi memancing, atau apa pun yang bisa berbalik menghakimi Anda.

10. Terlalu panjang
Jika ada pekerjaan di masa lalu yang tak lagi relevan dengan karier Anda, sebaiknya tak usah dicantumkan. Panjang halaman resume disarankan tak lebih dari 2 halaman. Jadi, pastikan Anda mencantumkan hal-hal yang relevan saja. Para manajer HRD, dalam survei yang dilangsungkan oleh Careerbuilder, 21 persen responden mengatakan resume yang lebih panjang dari 2 halaman terlalu panjang, membosankan, dan banyak salahnya.

Cara Memasak yang Mengundang Racun

Cara Memasak yang Mengundang Racun
Banyak orang enggan makan di tempat yang kurang bersih karena takut keracunan. Padahal, sebenarnya keracunan makanan bisa berawal dari dapur sendiri.

Berdasarkan data YLKI, tren kasus keracunan makanan meningkat tajam sejak tahun 2004. Sekitar 45 persennya terjadi pada anak-anak sekolah. Dan, sampai sekarang, kasus keracunan makanan tetap saja banyak terjadi silih berganti di berbagai daerah. Penyebabnya sangat beragam. Ada yang karena jajan sembarangan dan tidak sedikit juga karena menyantap olahan dapur rumahan.

"Riset membuktikan ternyata orang tidak terlalu berhati-hati dalam mengolah makanan seperti yang seharusnya," kata Janet B Anderson, RD, profesor klinik bidang nutrisi dan ilmu makanan di Utah University. "Banyak orang percaya bahwa mereka sudah melakukan prosedur yang benar, padahal kenyataannya tidak."

Berikut adalah beberapa kesalahan yang selama ini sering kita lakukan di dapur, yang akhirnya bisa menyebabkan keracunan makanan.

Hanya mencuci buah yang kulitnya bisa dimakan. Padahal, buah yang kulit dan bijinya tidak bisa dimakan, seperti pisang dan melon misalnya, bisa sama berbahayanya. Bakteri bisa berpindah dari kulit luar ke daging buah melalui pisau pemotong. Kesimpulannya, semua jenis buah-buahan harus dicuci.
Dianjurkan: Kupas juga kulit tomat, stroberi, dan paprika setelah dicuci.

Meninggalkan sisa makanan di atas kompor. Meninggalkan sisa makanan di panci di atas kompor, meski dengan tujuan supaya makanan tetap hangat, justru akan merusak makanan tersebut. Menghangatkan makanan—yang kita kira bisa mengurangi kemungkinan timbulnya racun—justru memberi hasil sebaliknya. Beberapa racun justru terbentuk karena makanan dihangatkan. Aturan yang benar: simpan sisa makanan di dalam kulkas. Hangatkan ketika jam makan hampir tiba.
Dianjurkan: Tempatkan sisa makanan yang masih hangat dalam wadah kecil dan tidak terlalu tinggi supaya makanan lebih cepat dingin. Jangan penuhi kulkas dengan wadah berisi makanan. Mengapa? Karena kulkas yang penuh jadi tidak bisa mengeluarkan udara dingin dengan efisien.

Memanggang daging hingga warna merahnya hilang. Penelitian di Kansas University mengatakan bahwa mata kita tidak bisa digunakan sebagai ukuran matang tidaknya sepotong daging. Contohnya, daging yang dibekukan akan cepat berubah warna menjadi coklat saat dimasak meski sebenarnya belum benar-benar matang. Sebaliknya, beberapa jenis daging cincang segar bisa tetap berwarna merah muda saat mencapai tingkat kematangan yang sempurna.

Satu-satunya cara untuk mengetahui tingkat kematangan daging yang benar adalah dengan menggunakan termometer daging. Daging disebut matang kalau suhunya sudah 71 derajat celsius atau lebih saat dimasak.
Dianjurkan: Kalau merasa daging yang dimasak belum cukup panas dan kita ingin memasaknya lebih lama, cuci dahulu termometer daging sebelum digunakan kembali untuk menghindari terjadinya kontaminasi.

Langsung mencuci sayuran. Saat membawa sayuran segar pulang dari swalayan, kita jadi ingin langsung membersihkannya dan menyimpannya dalam kulkas. Tetapi, kebiasaan ini justru bisa menyebabkan tumbuhnya jamur dan mikroba. Penyebabnya adalah kelembaban yang tertinggal dari air cucian, kata Linda J Harris, PhD, direktur riset keamanan makanan Western Institute, University of California. Sebaiknya, bersihkan sayur tepat sebelum kita mengolahnya.
Dianjurkan: Kupas lapisan luar selada dan kubis. Di bagian inilah kontaminasi paling banyak terjadi. Bersihkan juga bagian-bagian lainnya. Jangan gunakan sabun karena dapat meninggalkan residu berbahaya.

(Anna Roufos/Lily Turangan/Prevention Indonesia)

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Kiat Mendapatkan Beasiswa S2/S3 Luar Negeri

Kiat Mendapatkan Beasiswa S2/S3 Luar Negeri
Tips mendapatkan beasiswa berikut bersifat umum, untuk beasiswa-beasiswa tertentu mempunyai karakteristik yang berbeda, dikutip dari http://dhidik.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/beasiswa-s2-s3-luar-negeri/ :

1. Bahasa

Pertama kali kita harus belajar bahasa inggris, minimal TOEFL untuk ke Eropa dan negara2 lain kebanyakan 550 (paper-based toefl). Persyaratan bahasa tidak bisa ditawar-tawar lagi. Di negara common wealthnya Inggris terkadang pesyaratan bahasa sering lebih tinggi dari 550. Semakin mahir kita berbahasa inggris semakin besar peluang untuk mendapatkanu beasiswa. beasiswa seperti Jerman dan Jepang pun mempersyaratkan bahasa inggris 550. Setelah menguasai bahasa inggris sebaiknya mempelajari bahasa negara tujuan misal Jerman, Perancis atau Jepang. Akan tetapi jika memang kita misalnya sudah menetapkan akan sekolah di jerman, persyaratan TOEFL bisa kita ganti dengan kemampuan bahasa jerman yang baik. Info mengenai paper-based toefl dan internet-based toefl dapt di klik di sini.

2. Prestasi Akademik

Bagi yang masih kuliah S1 sebaiknya berusaha untuk mendapatkan IPK minimal 3. Sering kali beasiswa mempersyaratkan IPK. Semakin tinggi IPK kita semakin luas kesempatan mendapatkan beasiswa. IPK memang bukan hal utama tapi bisa menjadi nilai tambah kita. Untuk yang IPKnya kurang sebaiknya didukung dengan publikasi atau tulisan ilmiah. Bagi yang bekerja bukan sebagai dosen maupun peneliti sebaiknya didukung dengan keahlian yang memadai.

3. Menjalin kontak dengan calon supervisor

Pemberi beasiswa biasanya akan memilih orang yang sudah siap. Jika kita sudah mendapatkan penerimaan dari profesor akan memberi nilai tambah tersendiri bagi kita. Silahkan lihat tulisan saya tentang
Tips Mencari Supervisor

4. Kelengkapan administrasi

Jika melamar beasiswa persiapkan administrasi selengkap mungkin, minimal sama dengan persyaratan yang ada.Kalau bisa ditambah dengan beberapa yang memang relevan. Semakin lengkap persyaratan kita kemungkinan dipanggil wawancara akan semakin besar. Berikut syarat-syarat yang sering diminta

- CV. Dalam membuat cv yang harus diperhatikan adalah daftar publikasi ilmiah dan pengalaman kerja. Cantumkan hal-hal yang memperkuat posisi tawar kita untuk meraih beasiswa. Pencantuman hal yang tidak relevan terkadang merugikan karena orang yang melihat cv kita kesulitan mencari keunggulan kita.
- Kemampuan Bahasa (TOEFL, IELTS, Test bahasa asing lain) untuk TOEFL sebaiknya minimal ITP TOEFL
- Ijasah Transkrip dalam Bahasa Inggris
- Rekomendasi dari bekas pembimbing (sebaiknya yang telah bergelar Doktor, atau yang mempunyai jabatan strategis misal ketua jurusan atau dekan). Rekomendasi ini sangat penting dan bukan hanya sekedar pelengkap administrasi. Sebaiknya yang merekomendasi mengirimkan secara langsung ke institusi yang kita lamar melalui email atau dikirim dalam amplop tersegel oleh pemberi rekomendasi. Rekomendasi ini termasuk bahan utama yang digunakan oleh profesor atau tim yang menyeleksi kita. Terkadang bisa juga dikirim dalam berkas lamaran kita, hanya saja seharusnya tersegel dengan tanda tangan pemberi rekomendasi.
- Motivation letter: silahkan tanya Prof Google masalah membuat motivation letter
- Akte kelahiran dalam bahasa Inggris (tidak wajib tapi sering kali diminta
- Hasil Test Potensi Akademik. Untuk beasiswa yang berasal dari indonesia seperti Dikti, Diknas, Depkominfo biasanya mensyaratkan ini.

Sebaiknya syarat2 tersebut dipersiapkan sedini mungkin. Beasiswa Luar Negeri mempunyai deadline yang berbeda-beda bulan nya. Silahkan liat di tulisan saya
Berburu Beasiswa S2/S3 luar negeri

5. Proposal research

Proposal riset wajib bagi yang S3. Untuk yang S2 sebaiknya jika mau melanjutkan S3 maka mengambil S2 yang minimal kombinasi antara kuliah dan riset. Dalam membuat proposal riset sebaiknya menggunakan pustaka dari jurnal-jurnal terbaru. Untuk mendapatkan tentang gambaran riset yang akan dilakukan sebaiknya mencari pada web universitas yang akan dituju. Penyesuaian riset kita dengan riset calon supervisor kita akan memudahkan segala sesuatunya.

6. Persiapan Wawancara

Untuk yang hanya mengambil course work saya tidak mengetahui seperti apa wawancaranya. Untuk yang mixed sebenarnya yang paling utama adalah tentang rencana riset kita. Persiapkan dengan matang rencana riset kita. Pengetahuan tentang negara yang dituju dan pengetahuan tentang negara kita sering kali dibutuhkan. Sebaiknya kita mepersiapkan dokumen-dokumen pendukung untuk ditunjukan pada saat wawancara untuk memperkuat argumen kita.

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The only thing worse than finding out that your spouse is a cheater is not knowing. Not knowing if your partner is faithful can eat away at you and cause pain that can last months or even years. Betrayal is the worst form of disrespect and can leave wounds that won’t heal for a long time, if ever. Before we dive into sneaky ways that you can catch your partner red handed, lets first discuss why people cheat. I have often thought to myself, Why is it that animals are able to stay faithful to each other for a lifetime, while many humans can not seem to handle this task for more than a matter of months? The fact is that humans are the only creatures that realize they have a choice to how many partners they chose to have at a single moment in time. In addition, in recent studies, scientists have found that males with higher than average testosterone levels may be at greater risk of being involved in extramarital affairs than males with low testosterone levels. However, unlike animals, we have the ability to make decisions. We are able to override these hormones at any given time. Still, many chose not to. Testosterone or no testosterone, I still think cheating ultimately has to do with unhappiness. And, due to our ability to make decisions, those who chose to cheat go to great lengths to hide their affair. This is because they know what they are doing is wrong. This is why people who are cheaters are often hard to catch. So on that note, here are some potential signs that your partner may be cheating:

1. Change in Usual Work Pattern: Extended hours or possibly even over night shifts. This is the most popular excuse used by a cheating partner.

2. Phone Turned Off/Not Returning Calls: If you try to contact your partner during times that you are suspicious of them being unfaithful and they do not answer the phone or answer it but quickly find a reason to hang up with you, there’s a good chance that they are not being faithful.

3. Change in General Attitude: If your husband/wife suddenly makes it apparent that they are bored around you, or maybe seem overly excited on particular days, this could be a sign that they are having a relationship with somebody else. Sometimes a cheating mate may even become very angry or not want to handle simple arguments.

4. Lack of Money: Generally speaking, a deceptive partner will be spending time, as well as money, on their new date. The amount spent may greatly affect their usual income, depending on how much they are looking to impress their new partner.

5. Change in Attire: The sudden urge to dress attractively or get a new hairstyle, shave often, etc may be due to the fact that your partner is looking to appear more attractive to another individual.

6. Change in Relationship: If your partner suddenly stops confiding in you or seeking your advice this may be due to them finding it elsewhere.

7. New Hobbies: A cheating spouse may take interest in new things that don’t add up - such as new music, a new sport, etc.

8. Secretive Conversations: Does your partner run out of the room when he/she answers the phone to handle business? Or do they speak in a very low tone?

9. Deleted E-mails / Odd Computer Habits: If your husband/wife is startled by your presence when they are online or if they are constantly cleaning out their mailbox, there could be a reason for it. It is not normal behavior for a spouse to quickly exit off of a screen when someone enters the room unless they are planning a surprise vacation or doing something they know is wrong.

With that being said, here are some ways to catch a cheating partner :

1. Show up at your Spouses Work - Pick one of those days when they are working late and surprise them with a hot meal or desert. Make sure you have a reason for going up to their job so you don’t look too suspicious.

2. Check Mileage on their Car - This is a surefire way to see if your partner has been where they claim to have been. However, take into account if they needed to go to the bank or any other locations. A few extra miles here or there do not constitute as being disloyal.

3. Record Keep - Record dates and times of suspicious phone calls. If your mate is cheating you should be able to draw a conclusion that relates these times to other incidents. For example, if someone calls and hangs up on Wednesday evenings, followed by your partner getting called into work, this could be a tip for you to log.

4. Keep Quiet - Don’t open your mouth until you have the evidence you need for conviction. Telling your partner you think they may be seeing someone else will only complicate the patter because you have opened their eyes to the fact that they are not as sneaky as they would like to be.

5. Check Receipts - If you are able, check receipts found in pockets, the car, drawers, etc. If your partner is going out they are bound to eventually slip up and leave valuable evidence somewhere. Bank records of money withdrawals or credit card bills are also good ones. If looking at a credit card bill, pay close attention to detail, like where they are purchasing gasoline. Is it near your home? Or is it in a city that doesn’t fit into their usual travels?

6. Spy - If you are able to do your own surveillance or have a friend help you, do it. Watch what your partner is doing when they say they are working, etc.

7. Computer Research - Read e-mails, check cookies, etc. See what your partner is doing when they are online. Over half of cheating partners use the internet as a form of communication because it is easy and confidential. If you check your partners cookies you will be able to see what sites they are visiting. This can be very valuable, for example, if your partner’s e-mail address is mike@hotmail.com and the cookies say that they are constantly logging into a Yahoo account.

Have you tried all of the previous mentioned steps and still feel as if you are being betrayed? If so then you may have to go to extremes: Lie Detector Test, GPS Tracking or hire a Private Investigator. But before making the decision to do any of these things, take into consideration that they are very costly. You need to weigh your relationship and determine if it is worth the money. Remember that if you are at the point where you are 100% convinced your spouse is a cheater, you do not need to waste the money, you all ready know the answer. If you know they are a cheater, having a Private Investigator follow them around for weeks is not going to make a difference. Only you know your thoughts. Before making any decision you need to be prepared to accept the results. Will having your mate pass a lie detector test really make a difference? What if they pass with flying colors? Will you suddenly trust them? What if the work hours keep getting later and later and things still don’t add up? What then? Be honest with yourself and your feelings up front.


Everyone has a few confidence problems, whether pertaining to sex, dating, marriage or something else. There are things that we would like to change about ourselves, things that we are sure must be glaringly obvious to members of the opposite sex. So how can we overcome sexual self confidence issues, and how can we know if we are obviously intimidated?

My issue was always with first sexual experiences. Anytime I knew that I would be having sex with a woman for the first time, I would experience the sweaty palms and racing pulse of a teenage boy on his first date, which was, to say the least, embarrassing. Once that first sexual encounter was over, however, I would regain my sexual self confidence and move on.

Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore, since I have found the only woman I will ever have sex with again, but over the course of our marriage, other self confidence issues have cropped up, and I’ve had to deal with them just like I’ve dealt with others.

In most cases, sexual self confidence issues are based on the unknown, because that is all we really fear. When we have no idea how someone will react to the things we do, anxiety runs rampant and we aren’t calmed until it’s over.

Here are a few tips that might help you to overcome self confidence issues:

1. Know that others feel the same way. Whatever sexual self confidence issue might plague your mind, please know that someone else has experienced it before. Whether it be physical or psychological, other men and women have worried about the same things, which means that you are by no means alone.

2. Be open about it. I have had very few bad dating experiences, and all the women I’ve been with have been open, honest, caring individuals. Had I told them about my insecurities before we had sex, they probably would have done whatever they could to make me feel better. If you are unable to be open about sexual self confidence issues with your partner, then chances are you’ve chosen the wrong one.

3. Give yourself a break. When you feel overwhelmed by sexual insecurity, take a step back and evaluate the situation. Berating yourself for your lack of sexual confidence will only serve to make you more anxious. Instead, come to terms with the issue and work through it. If you have a great sexual partner, he or she will help.


After enduring weeks of single girl sympathy, you finally agreed to let your cousin set you up with that "great guy" she knows. Since you said yes, you figure you might as well make the most of it and keep an open mind. But, just in case, you ask your best friend to call your cell about a half hour into the date so you can fake an emergency if needed.

Actually, it's not even faking. Bad dates are emergencies. However, lucky for you, there are warning signs that the person you are out with is, and always will be, a terrible date. If you are unlucky enough to experience any of them first hand, make sure to answer your friend's call saying, "Oh no! That's terrible! I'll be right over."

He's Late

This one is pretty basic. If a guy doesn't have enough enthusiasm for the date to actually show up on time, you shouldn't expect to be impressed by the rest of the night. Obviously, there are times when you just can't help it, but he'd better have a good reason if he shows up at your door even 15 minutes late.

He's Not Dressed to Impress

You've spent hours on your hair and a pile of rejected clothes covers your bed. You are finally dressed to the nines in the perfect outfit and ready for the evening. You open the door and are surprised to be greeted by your date in torn jeans and a stained t-shirt. You doubt he's washed his hair today (or yesterday). You expected a nice night out and he shows up looking like he's dressed for a monster truck rally.

He Takes you to a Monster Truck Rally

Original and unique first dates are a great way to stand out from the rest of the fish in the sea, but there are exceptions. He should at least do a little research into your style before he plans an unusual activity. Sure, he might really love hot dogs and monster trucks, but if you were thinking fine dining and theatre, there's bound to be trouble.

The fact that he didn't bother to ask your opinion beforehand (or at least get the matchmaker's thoughts on the plan) doesn't bode well for how he's going to respect your needs and wants in the future.

He Expects You to Pay

It's not absolutely necessary that he pick up the check. Along with all those useful freedoms like voting, the feminist movement also brought us the responsibility of at least offering to pay for half the date. Most guys still think it's chivalrous to pick up the tab for the first date and there's nothing wrong with indulging his male ego (after an appropriate amount of protesting of course).

No girl is expecting a man to drop a fortune on a first date, but a guy who expects you to pay for everything without lifting a finger to open his own wallet doesn't give off the impression that he cares much what you think of him. In fact, he probably won't see a second date (and maybe not even the end of the first one). A good rule of thumb for payment is: whoever asks for the date, pays for the date.

He Talks About his Ex

So maybe you escaped the monster truck rally, but instead of choking on exhaust fumes and standing in a sea of drunken mullets, you get to hear all about his wonderful or horrible ex-girlfriend. Bonus trouble points if he had a nasty breakup and insists on sharing the details with you.

If he refers to his ex even once with a derogatory insult that you wouldn't call your worst enemy, run for the hills now. It's not a good sign if he can't say anything nice about the last woman with whom he had a significant relationship.

How Can I Put This.? He's a Weirdo.

Yes, it's time to weed out those with personal quirks that you find distasteful or generally unacceptable. This will be different for every woman of course (some chicks really dig witchcraft, guys that live with their moms or Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts). Regardless, that tight knot that is forming in your stomach while you listen to his ideas, habits and activities, should not be ignored.

Awkward Moments vs. Awkward Hours

When he's not filling you in on his wacky life, the conversation stalls into silence or unintelligible grunting. It's normal to have a little awkwardness or difficulty getting conversation to flow in the beginning of a first date, but if after a few minutes, he still can't think of a single question to ask about your life or keep up with the conversation, it's time to call it a night.

If it's twenty minutes in and you've run out of things to talk about, you probably don't have much of a future together.


Not Listening

Communication is the crux of all relationships, and if the communication is not strong then your relationship will not be. Not only is talking about your feelings important, but listening is also vital.

When your mate is unleashing his or her emotions on you, make it evident that you are taking what he or she says into consideration. Do this by showing a sincere interest in things you know are important to him or her, regardless if it is a minor thing or a major thing.

Also, if your significant other notifies you of an aspect of your personality or behavior that he or she dislikes that is within reason, try your hardest to prevent yourself from doing such things in the future. Although you may not completely eliminate that annoying habit, the effort that you show will be enough to satisfy that person.

Excess Baggage

Everyone has baggage; however, the key is dealing with that baggage and not allowing it to influence your relationship.

Everyone goes through obstacles throughout their day that cause stress. However, by no means should you tell your mate every time you are upset. With that said, do tell the person when something major happens to you-not when you've been plagued with something as minor as a paper cut. Nobody likes to be burdened with other people's downfalls on a constant basis because they are dealing with their own misfortunes as well.

Commitment Problems

With time, a certain comfort level is reached in a relationship. When this happens, a relationship becomes serious, or in other words, committed. For some, the word "committed" entails labels and obligations.

In order to be in a committed relationship, you must be mature and realize that it will take hard work and dedication to maintain. Make sure that your mate knows where he or she stands with you at all times. This is achieved through actions. Show your mate how much he or she means to you by writing a sentimental poem or by literally telling that person.

Commitment is scary for many because it serves as the end to just being you and the beginning for you being two. So if you are in fact serious about your mate, do not force him or her into a commitment; rather, let things ease into that stage. Do this first by taking the relationship day to day, and then as things progress, subtly slip hints that you are beginning to think about your future together.

Family Matters

The family – you have to love them even though most times it would be easier to throw pixie dust on them and wish they would vanish off to Never land. However, the reality is that you must make sure you are on your best behavior in front of them if you want a serious long-lasting relationship with your mate.

Keep in mind that you must think of this task as a job. You can make a great first impression, but the staying power of that impression is what counts. Make sure the family feels that you are not only getting to know them for your mate, but that you are also getting to know them because you actually like them as people. With that said, invite them to join you in activities that do not include your mate such as shopping.

Also, make sure you exercise great mannerisms. This means always cleaning the table after a meal without being asked and always offering to help in chores around the house. Not only must you go that extra mile, but you also must make sure you impress while doing so. This means always bringing a dish of the family's favorite food each time you come over, or calling the person's mom when at the supermarket to see if she needs anything.

Being a Workaholic

In this day and age, the height of success is a long and rough road to travel. In your voyage to riches, you may unintentionally neglect your special someone.

Your mate can only be so supportive. Remember a long-lasting relationship is as fulfilling as a successful career. As a career entails obstacles and levels to reach the top, so do relationships. However, this does not mean to place your relationship over your career, but rather balance the two.

To maintain this juggling act, you should try to invite your mate to work gatherings and keep him or her updated on the events in your career. This way they will feel connected to that aspect of your life and will be more understanding if you sometimes decide to choose work over them.


If your mate still ends up breaking up with you even after all of this, do not waste your time being upset; rather, be relieved with the reassurance that you can do much better.


Some believe that your destiny will bring you to your soul mate like a magnet pulls metal. Your life will create a series of experiences that will lead you almost innocently to that vital part that will make your life complete. Unfortunately, there is no formula for finding your soul mate. We can only prepare ourselves to recognize that special person when we meet him or her. The preparation is really the key to how soon you can find that person.

For this, one must prepare to give oneself away to others and develop a never ending steam of trust within yourself so that you can accept everyone you meet without judgments or fear. Some believe that if one looks deep inside the eyes of another person with complete acceptance and love, one can create new levels of intimacy and spiritual bonding. It is during this quest, where we treat every individual as a potential soul mate, that we will eventually find the one that we are looking for.

Some people confuse this discovery as an endeavor to look for the ultimate romantic partner. Finding your soul mate is a search for wholeness or completion. It may lead to a physical union but it is much beyond mere physical desire. You can feel attracted to many others, but there could only be one person who will fit in perfectly to complete the puzzle of your life.

If you can learn to love unconditionally, abandon yourself to your spiritual desires and accept wholeheartedly the people that God sends in our lives everyday, you will find your soul mate without any doubt.

Use the Law of Attraction to Find Your Soulmate

The law of attraction is the belief that “like attracts like,” and that by focusing on positive thoughts we can bring about positive results. By understanding and following this simple rule, you will be empowered to attract a lifelong partner.

There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have when you know how to activate and use this unlimited power that lies within you.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find Your Soulmate In 7 Steps

Attracting your soulmate can be extremely easy if you use the law of attraction to help you draw in your perfect partner.  
Below are seven surefire tips for attracting your soulmate. Follow these tips, and you will harness the law of attraction by sending out the right smoke signals to bring you together.

1.  Be Congruent

So many people give out mixed messages when it comes to thinking about what they want. Most of the time they are not even aware that they are doing so.
But sending out mixed messages is not going to harness the law of attraction.
To harness the law of attraction, you need to be very clear about what you want and then stand by that wholeheartedly.
Putting the work in to align yourself with your dreams ensures that you are sending out positive power signals to the universe that you are ready to attract the perfect person for you will harness the law of attraction and to do so, you need to be congruent in your beliefs, lifestyle, goals, decisions, emotions and psyche.  
To find out how you can start to work on yourself to become congruent with your soulmate goals keep on reading and check out a professional psychic too.  
Forget the standard love advice that you might have heard before. A professional psychic can look into what obstacles might be causing you to send out mixed messages and advise you about what in your psyche is not congruent with your goals so that you can start to address them.  
You can even ask your psychic to help you to understand what you need to do to solve or heal any blockages in your psyche that doesn’t help you align with your goals. This process will ensure that you peel away the layers and evolve into the person who is perfectly aligned to their perfect soulmate.  

2. Know What You Want

Make a list of what you want in a soulmate.  Including how you would like your lifestyle together to be, where you might live, what you would be open about, what qualities your soulmate has and what habits they shouldn’t have.  Keep reviewing this list, and updating it.

3. Know Who You Are

One of the best forms of love advice that we have discovered is this; imagine yourself with your soulmate, and notice how you are different to who you are right now.  Write down the qualities you have in your visualisation that you don’t have now. Then make an effort to continually assess yourself and clear up or change anything that doesn’t align with your visualisation.  No stone should be left unturned.
The quicker you do this, the more opportunity you will have for finding your soulmate.

4. Deal With Your Baggage

We don’t always sail through childhood or adulthood without a few scars and problems.  Some people have more issues than others, but ideally if you can work to heal the baggage that arises in your psyche from this experience you’ll improve your ability to harness the law of attraction to reach out to your soulmate, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable relationship because you’ve put this work in too! While this might not be the type of love advice you’d like to hear, it definitely is the kind of advice that you need to hear!

5. Visualise

Visualise life with your ideal person regularly and start to become the person that you see yourself being with your soulmate.  

6. Practice Positive Thinking, Always

Manage your thoughts so that they are always positive but realistic.  So if you don’t like something about yourself, and think you need to work on something to attract your soulmate, do so, knowing that you will make the changes that are required to improve yourself.  Instead of saying something like ‘I’m never going to be a good enough or a likeable person for anybody to love me’ etc.

7. Create The Lifestyle You Imagine

Again, don’t wait until you meet your soulmate to work on the lifestyle of your dreams, start working on that now.  It will help you align with who you could be at your best, and that’s the perfect goal to have if you are going to attract your soulmate.  


Reason #1: You have a better body.
We have all been there you get into a relationship, and suddenly you’re trying out new recipes all the time and cuddling instead of exercising. Well, things tend to get worse with marriage. A recent Cornell University study found that women generally gain five to eight pounds in the first few years of marriage and unhappily married women gain an average of 54 pounds in the first 10 years.

For the unmarried, though, the motivation to stay slim remains: “Singles look at themselves through the eyes of others and want to be attractive to potential partners,” says Susan Davis, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in New York City, “so they’re still ‘working on themselves.’” In short, being single is way better than any New Year’s resolution or exercise DVD to motivate you to stay in shape.

Reason #2: You’re more likely to achieve great things.
It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have the time, the quiet and the lack of familial responsibilities. In fact, your premarital motivation to excel in life may be biologically programmed. According to a study conducted at the London School of Economics and Political Scientists, male scientists who stay single longer peak in their careers later in life and tend to be more productive than their married counterparts. Researchers theorize that men, in general, may show off their talents to win the interest of women and then, once they’ve won a wife, get comfortable and do less. In fact, studies have shown that testosterone levels, which boost action, decrease after a man gets married and has children. So single folk should know they are primed to achieve whether that means turbo-charging their careers or honing their rock-climbing skills and get out there and work it!

Reason #3: You do less housework.
You know that saying about a tree falling in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it? Well, if you leave a sock on the floor but there’s no one else there to see it, does it really need to be picked up? If you’re a single woman, you can contemplate deep questions like this one because you have more free time. According to one study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, women do less housework when single than when married. Men, on the other hand, do more housework when unmarried (that’s probably because there’s someone picking up after them once they’re wed…). So the message here is for unmarried women to enjoy their less chore-filled life; fill those free hours with classes, good books, blabbing with friends whatever makes you happy.

Reason #4: You can do what you want with your money including keep it.
Go ahead: Splurge on that pricey moisturizer or that obscenely large plasma TV you’ve been lusting after. You don’t have to justify your purchase to anyone but yourself. Once you mix money with marriage, though, things change and fast. According to a survey by Smart Money magazine, 40 percent of women and 36 percent of men have lied to their spouses about a purchase. “When you’re single, your finances are your own,” explains Phyllis Chase, a Los Angeles based psychologist and co-host of the radio show Shrink Rap. “When you’re married, you have to deal with different styles of spending and saving, and you may take on your partner’s debt.” And a marriage that doesn’t make it for the long haul can also have a major negative effect on one’s wealth. According to researchers at Ohio State University’s Center for Human Resource Research, during a divorce, men and women generally lose three-fourths of their personal net worth. Double ouch.

Reason #5: You have better sex.
Married couples may have more sex (approximately 98 times a year vs. singles’ 49), but singles have better sex. According to a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, married women are significantly more likely to report problems with their sex lives than single women. “People who are dating have better sex because it’s novel,” says Davis. “Married people have to relearn how to play. It’s natural for singles because that’s the nature of a courting relationship they tease, they experiment, they explore.” Nature lends a helping hand, too. According to researchers at the University of Pisa in Italy, raging testosterone levels in both men and women makes the sex hotter during the first two years of a relationship. After that, other hormones take over most notably, oxytocin, a bonding chemical, kicks in. While getting connected and comfortable is a positive step in a relationship, long-term lovers have to work harder to keep things hot in the bedroom. Singles, however, sizzle just the way they are.

Reason #6: You’re better rested and smarter.
While snuggling up next to a warm body can be pretty fantastic, according to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, your bed mate can cause you to lose an average of 49 minutes of sleep per night. Sleeping two to a bed just isn’t as restful as snoozing solo. Other studies confirm that singles generally get more rest seven to eight hours of sleep a night than married couples, which enhances memory, mood and concentration, as well as allows your immune system to recharge. And, according to scientists at the University of Luebeck in Germany, creativity and problem-solving may directly correlate with getting enough sleep. In the study, participants were given a math puzzle; those who’d had eight hours of sleep or more before tackling it were three times more likely to get the right answer than those who slept less. So, singles, revel in the fact that you’re alert, rested and have that extra brain power edge.

Reason #7: You’re less depressed.
Although the media often perpetuates the image of single people being down in the dumps, overall unmarried people tend to be happier than their married counterparts if you’re a woman, that is. One report by the World Health Organization indicated that married women, especially ones with children, have a higher risk for depression than single women, and researchers at the University of London found that single women generally have fewer mental-health issues. “Marriage, in many ways, seems to benefit men more than women,” says Davis. “For women, there’s more of a loss of self.” And, of course, today’s women often feel like they need to do it all have a career, take care of the kids and perform other traditionally “female” responsibilities. “People who aren’t married are still investing in themselves,” says Davis. “It’s not selfish it’s giving to yourself, and that’s something married people can learn from single people.”

Reason #8: You have better friendships.
Significant others are a wonderful thing, no doubt, but friends count, too. And on that front, one study found that, when women get married and have children, they spend much less time with their friends less than five hours a week, down from 14 hours. Singles, however, often have the greatest sense of friendship and community which can actually decrease stress levels, according to researchers at UCLA.

Here's another way to look at this: “Singles don’t rely on just one person to meet their needs. You don’t automatically know who you’re going to spend Friday night with,” says Sasha Cagen, author of Quirky alone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics. “The plus side is that you have a lot of different people in your life and potentially a greater sense of social possibilities.”

Reason #9: Your travel tales are enviable.
Married couples take the most vacations, dominating the market with 62 percent of all trips taken, but singles arguably go on more interesting trips. According to the Travel Industry Association of America, singles corner the adventure-travel market, engaging in activities like white water rafting, scuba diving and mountain biking. Being single and relatively footloose certainly allows you to expand your geographical and personal borders. “I have lived abroad, backpacked for close to a year, have been in love three times and much more,” says Courtney Davis, 27, a media-relations manager in Boston. “With every place and every person, my world has expanded.”

Reason #10: You know yourself and what you want out of a relationship.
You are a better catch now than you were at 20. You may have signs of, ahem, experience etched on your face, but that’s OK because you’re more interesting and more self-aware. Not only have you grown as a person, but you’ve probably been through the ringer a few times in matters of love and now know what you want and what you don’t. Experts say that bodes well for future marital success and may actually decrease the likelihood of divorce. “When people get married young, they often feel like the other person will complete them, and they have trouble moving past that Hollywood myth,” explains Chase. “But maturity brings so much, because if you’re able to communicate who you are and what you want, the better your chances of having a successful marriage.” And that’s a wonderful message: Your single self is great... and should you find the right person and decide to marry, you’re more likely to thrive in that stage of your life, too.

10 Cara Mudah Meratakan Perut

10 Cara Mudah Meratakan Perut
Perut rata bukan hanya impian penari profesional. Bisa jadi, dalam hati kita berbisik untuk memiliki hal tersebut. Berikut 10 langkah mudah yang dapat dilakukan selama Anda bersantai di rumah.

1. Makan semangkuk rasberi. Buah ini aman untuk dijadikan camilan karena kaya akan serat sehingga menyelamatkan Anda dari sembelit.
2. Minum banyak air. Sebenarnya pada saat Anda meminum air, Anda telah memberikan tubuh asupan yang bebas kalori. Manfaat tambahan lainnya adalah memberikan tubuh pelumas untuk memperlancar metabolisme tubuh.
3. Jauhi minuman koktil. Ini memang jenis minuman yang bebas alkohol dan menyegarkan. Yang menjadi alasan kenapa harus dijauhi adalah kandungan kalori yang tinggi. Bahkan dapat memicu munculnya hormon kortisol, hormon stres yang juga membantu tubuh menyimpan lemak.
4. Duduk dengan benar. Posisi duduk yang membungkuk membuat perut terlihat membuncit. Sedangkan jika Anda duduk dengan posisi punggung yang tegak, akan menjaga otot-otot perut tetap kencang.
5. Berkebunlah. Tahukah Anda, aktivitas menanam, mengangkat pot, dan menyiram tanaman dapat membakar kalori sebanyak 350 dalam satu jam!
6. Gerakkan pinggul. Kembalilah ke mainan masa kecil, gunakan hula hoop untuk membakar lemak pada pinggang dan pinggul.
7. Berjalanlah di taman. Berjalan santai di taman hijau, tidak hanya merelaksasi pikiran tetapi juga membuang lemak.
8. Angkat kaki ke atas. Berbaringlah di tempat tidur Anda, lalu angkat kaki ke atas dan jadikan dinding sebagai tempat kaki bersandar. Secara perlahan gerakkan punggung, pundak menjauh dari tempat tidur, mengarah ke lutut. Setelah itu perlahan turunkan tubuh bagian atas pada posisi semula. Lakukan gerakan 10 sampai 12 kali selama 2 sampai 3 kali dalam seminggu.
9. Untuk membentuk lekukan pada pinggang, berbaringlah dengan punggung sebagai sandaran. Tekuk lutut, tapi biarkan kedua telapak kaki rata di lantai. Lalu biarkan kaki kanan bertumpu pada kaki kiri Anda dan letakkan kedua tangan di belakang kepala.Perlahan angkat kepala dan pundak menjauhi lantai, kemudian putar pundak kiri mengarah lutut kanan. Tahan, lalu kembali ke posisi semula. Lakukan ini sebanyak 10-12 kali selama 2-3 kali dalam seminggu.
10. Kencangkan otot perut. Untuk membuat otot perut berkontraksi dari angle yang berbeda, berbaringlah di atas lantai dan letakkan kedua tangan di samping badan. Tekuk kaki hingga membentuk 90 derajat, seraya arahkan kedua kaki ke perut. Saat yang bersamaan juga, angkat punggung sejauh yang Anda mampu lalu tahan. Lakukan sebanyak 10-12 kali, dan ulangi 2-3 kali dalam seminggu.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tips Melamar Pekerjaan (Pengalaman Bukan Syarat Mutlak)

Tips Melamar Pekerjaan (Pengalaman Bukan Syarat Mutlak)
Saat baru lulus kuliah, sering kali para calon pelamar ini bingung akan menulis surat lamaran pekerjaan seperti apa, karena pada umumnya banyak perusahaan yang mensyaratkan pengalaman kerja. Mau tak mau, hal ini membuat sebagian calon pelamar merasa minder lantaran selama kuliah nyaris tak punya pengalaman kerja.

- Sebelum melamar pekerjaan, cari tahu dahulu apa yang perusahaan inginkan. Umumnya perusahaan akan menginginkan calon karyawan yang bisa berkontribusi langsung.

- Untuk yang baru lulus kuliah, janngan pernah putus asa karena pengalaman yang dimaksud bukan melulu pengalaman kerja di perusahaan lain, tapi pengalaman di bidang industri yang akan digeluti. Misalnya, jika Anda ingin berkontribusi dan bekerja pada perusahaan periklanan, pastikan Anda memiliki kemampuan menggambar (lebih baik jika pernah menang lomba), mengkreasikan iklan, atau bahkan menulis karena sebuah biro iklan pastinya memiliki kebutuhan yang tinggi akan desainer grafis atau copy writer sebagai bagiannya.

- Lazimnya perusahaan mengharapkan orang yang dapat belajar dan menyesuaikan diri dengan cepat agar bisa berkontribusi secara maksimal.

- Tidak sedikit perusahaan yang lebih suka mencari sarjana fresh graduate ketimbang yang sudah berpengalaman agar bisa dididik sesuai visi dan misi perusahaan bersangkutan. Pastinya mereka yang terpilih umumnya memiliki prestasi, aktivitas dan kreativitas di atas rata-rata karena perusahaan mengharapkan kecerdasan dan kreativitas mereka akan berguna bagi perusahaan dan nantinya bisa berkontribusi secara maksimal.

- Saat kuliah, jangan hanya terpaku pada buku teks. Tak ada salahnya jika Anda sesekali membantu kegiatan kampus, mengikuti kegiatan ekstra kurikuler atau organisasi lainnya yang dapat mengasah kreativitas dan memberikan nilai tambah pada pengalaman hidup Anda.

Tips Bekerja di Luar Negeri

Tips Bekerja di Luar Negeri
Hampir menjadi impian setiap orang untuk mengembangkan karir di luar negeri. Tentu saja berkarir di dunia Internasional membutuhkan keahlian bahasa asing yang baik. Belum lagi upaya Anda untuk beradaptasi dengan budaya setempat, yang mungkin sangat berbeda dengan budaya Indonesia. Ada dua hal yang pasti harus dimiliki, yaitu kegigihan dan kebulatan tekad untuk memulai.

Simak kiat-kiat di bawah ini untuk memulai mengembangkan karir di luar negeri:

1. Bangun networking
Anda tidak mungkin nekat pergi begitu saja tanpa anda mendapatkan informasi yang cukup tentang negara tujuan. Alangkah baiknya jika anda memiliki seorang kenalan atau teman yang bisa membantu mencarikan informasi seputar jenis pekerjaan atau perusahaan yang anda inginkan. Anda juga bisa mencoba berlangganan majalah bisnis luar negeri atau mengikuti milis teman yang tinggal di luar.
Networking ini juga sangat dibutuhkan ketika anda baru tiba di negara tujuan. Mintalah bantuan teman anda untuk mengirimkan informasi tentang biaya hidup (mulai dari biaya tempat tinggal, transportasi, jaminan kesehatan, dll) , perkiraan gaji, dan prospek karir bangsa asing di negara tersebut.
2. Persiapkan keahlian pribadi
Baik di Indonesia atau mancanegara, sebaiknya anda memiliki unique selling point yang bisa membuat perusahaan tertarik menerima anda. Misalnya, sebuah perusahaan IT Amerika ingin memiliki seorang Asia Pasific Division Manager di kantor pusat Amerika dengan kemampuan bahasa Indonesia yang baik. Bisa jadi ini sebuah kesempatan buat anda! Jadi sebelum berangkat, pastikan anda punya 'sesuatu' yang layak jual.
3. Pelajari Etiket Bisnis Internasional
Dari pengalaman beberapa profesional di luar negeri, pada awal bekerja biasanya dilaksanakan cross cultural training. Maksudnya, bagi karyawan asing akan diberikan pelatihan etika bisnis internasional. Bagaimana anda berkomunikasi dengan klien-klien dengan bahasa dan budaya yang berbeda.
Ketika memilih bekerja di Jepang, tentu saja anda harus membiasakan membungkukkan diri untuk memberi hormat pada klien. Beda pula ketika bekerja di Itali, yang terbiasa dengan memberikan pelukan. Ini semua bisa anda pelajari sebelum 'terbang', dengan rajin membuka jurnal pelatihan bisnis yang tersedia di internet.

Sikap Pimpinan yang Diinginkan Bawahan

Sikap Pimpinan yang Diinginkan Bawahan
Apakah anda pernah mengeluh tentang sikap atasan yang menurut anda menjengkelkan? Atau mungkin anda seorang kepala divisi di perusahaan yang pernah secara tidak sengaja mendengar keluhan dari bawahan anda?

Untuk menjadi seorang pemimpin anda memang diharuskan untuk membina hubungan dengan bawahan anda. Sedikit karyawan mungkin yang berani terbuka mengutarakan sikap atasan yang seperti apa yang mereka inginkan. Namun, kebanyakan memilih diam dan menyimpan keluhan dalam hati karena rasa segan pada atasan.

Hal tersebut cukup meyulitkan karena biasanya sikap kerja mereka bergantung dari apa yang mereka rasakan atas sikap atasannya. Jika menurut mereka atasan sudah memenuhi kriteria sebagai ‘pemimpin,’ maka mereka akan menjalankan tugasnya dengan lebih ringan dan lancar.

Berikut ini adalah sikap yang diharapkan ada pada seorang atasan:

- Atasan yang Fleksibel
Fleksibel di sini adalah sikap atasan yang bisa 'berubah' sesuai dengan kondisi. Saat menangani pekerjaan bersikaplah seperti layaknya atasan yang memiliki wibawa di mata anak buah. Tapi diluar jam kerja, anda bisa berubah menjadi sosok yang menyenangkan yang juga suka melemparkan lelucon dan bisa diajak tertawa.

- Atasan yang Bisa Menghargai Pendapat Karyawan
Memang kata-kata menghargai pendapat seseorang sering dianggap klise. Padahal itu salah satu tolak ukur bagi karyawan untuk melihat apakah ia mampu memberi kontribusi yang berarti kepada perusahaan.

- Atasan yang Memandang Karyawan sebagai Aset Perusahaan
Tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa sebuah perusahaan dapat berjalan karena didukung oleh karyawan yang kompeten. Sudah sepantasnya jika karyawan dipandang sebagai aset perusahaan, namun dengan tidak mengesampingkan kebijaksanaan yang dijalankan oleh perusahaan.

- Atasan yang Memperhatikan Kepentingan Karyawan
Memberikan perhatian atas apa yang sedang dialami oleh bawahan menunjukkan bahwa atasan peduli dengan bawahannya. Ketahuilah apa yang dibutuhkan oleh bawahan dengan begitu bawahan pun tidak akan merasa seperti objek yang hanya dibutuhkan tenaga dan pikirannya saja.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Penyebab Karir Kurang Sukses

Penyebab Karir Kurang Sukses
Jangan dulu memberi cap atasan pilih kasih, bila karier Anda seringkali disalip anak baru. Kadang, hal yang kita sepelekan justru yang bikin kita tak dapat promosi.

Berikut 14 faktor penghambat karier yang wajib masuk black list:
1. Telat rapat
Sesekali datang telat saat rapat masih bisa dimaklumi, tapi jika sudah keseringan dan jadi kebiasaan, mencerminkan sikap tak menghargai atasan, bahkan perusahaan.
Tips: Aktifkan alarm 2 jam sebelum berangkat kerja atau mulai rapat.

2. Bekerja ala kadarnya
Walau si bos tak pernah komplain atas pekerjaan yang Anda buat, jangan senang dulu, siapa tahu Anda hanya dinilai biasa-biasa saja. Penilaian standar bisa membuat Anda tak dilirik sama sekali.
Tips: Mintalah penilaian atasan atas performa kerja Anda.

3. Suka menunda
Kalimat "Nanti dulu, ah, kan masih banyak waktu," ternyata tak hanya berpotensi membuat pekerjaan menumpuk, namun bisa membuat Anda dianggap meremehkan pekerjaan.
Tips: Jangan sampai Anda terlihat keteteran apalagi sampai telat mengumpulkannya.

4. Lupa, lupa, lupa...
Lupa bukan lagi alasan, namun dianggap sebuah keteledoran yang bisa merugikan perusahaan.
Tips: Manfaatkan buku agenda atau to do list di ponsel kesayangan.

5. Single player
Ingin selalu terlihat menonjol bisa membuat rekan tak betah bekerja dengan Anda. Padahal, kebersamaan tim juga masuk dalam penilaian kinerja.
Tips: Yakinlah, Anda tetap membutuhkan orang lain untuk mencapai sukses, walau berupa dukungan.

6. Childish
Ngambek karena ditinggal makan siang atau menangis setelah bos mengkritik hasil kerja, sebaiknya jangan dilakukan, karena itu memberi kesan Anda belum siap bekerja.
Tips: Perlihatkan kalau Anda mandiri dan profesional.

7. Sombong
Mudah terlena dengan pujian dan terlalu asyik pamer bisa membuat Anda lupa untuk mempertahankan prestasi, di samping memberikan kesempatan pihak lain untuk "menyalip".
Tips: Pamer terkadang perlu, tapi jangan lupa mempertahankan kinerja, ya.

8. Tidak memiliki prioritas
Tugas utama seringkali terganggu akibat menyelesaikan tugas sampingan. Hati-hati, kerja serabutan seperti ini menunjukkan manajemen kerja yang buruk.
Tips: Buatlah daftar pekerjaan sesuai deadline, lalu selesaikan satu per satu.

9. Fokus terbagi
Pekerjaan yang seharusnya bisa selesai dalam waktu satu jam, bisa jadi "molor" seharian gara-gara online terus. Jika dalam posisi ini kinerja Anda sudah lambat, apalagi jika naik jabatan? Upss...
Tips: Offline sejenak saat Anda sedang bekerja. Online-lah saat jam istirahat.

10. Menolak kritik
Mencari-cari alasan bukanlah cara yang tepat untuk menanggapi kritikan dari atasan. Ini memberi kesan kalau Anda tak ingin disalahkan dan mencari kambing hitam.
Tips: Terima kritik dengan positif. Kalau tak sesuai, bicarakan baik-baik.

11. Terlibat konflik
Perang dingin dengan rekan kerja malah menambah daftar musuh yang menghambat jalan Anda. Apalagi sampai membuat masalah dengan atasan, pupuslah harapan untuk naik jabatan.
Tips: Jaga hubungan baik dengan semua orang di kantor. Tak perlu diambil hati jika ada ucapan atau sikap yang tidak mengenakkan dari rekan kerja.

12. Kurang bergaul
Memiliki kinerja baik tak akan pernah cukup. Masalahnya, kesempatan kadang datang dari orang yang tak pernah diduga sebelumnya.
Tips: Tebarkan pesona Anda. Jangan ragu untuk menyapa sauda "satu atap" walau dari divisi berbeda.

13. Miss Keluh
Gemar mengeluh tentang pekerjaan atau menjelek-jelekkan atasan bisa menurunkan kredibilitas. Pasalnya, ini menunjukkan kalau Anda kurang dapat mengendalikan emosi dan tak bisa menjaga nama baik perusahaan.
Tips: Tak semua hal bisa dicurhatkan, ada hal-hal yang sebaiknya disimpan sendiri. Termasuk ketidaksukaan Anda pada atasan.

14. Kurang pede memberi ide
Ide merupakan wujud eksistensi. Jika hanya disimpan dalam hati, Anda hanya akan dipandang pasif dan tak memiliki andil.
Tips: Utarakan ide yang baik saat Anda diberi kesempatan. Jangan hanya berkata, "Ya, setuju!"

Tips Merawat dan Mencuci Baju Batik

Tips Merawat dan Mencuci Baju Batik
Ada beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan untuk merawat baju batik, agar tetap awet dan memiliki warna yang indah. Berikut tips merawat baju batik dari tabloidnova.com:

1. Saat mencucinya, gunakan sabun pencuci khusus untuk kain batik yang banyak dijual di pasaran.
2. Atau, cuci baju batik dengan sampo rambut. Sebelumnya, larutkan sampo di air sampai tak ada bagian yang mengental. Lalu, celupkan design batik.
3. Mencuci model batik juga bisa dengan menggunakan buah lerak atau daun tanaman dilem yang sudah diredam air hangat. Caranya, remas-remas buah lerak atau daun dilem sampai mengeluarkan busa lalu tambahkan air secukupnya, dan siap untuk mencuci batik. Aroma buah lerak mampu mencegah munculnya hewan kecil yang bisa merusak model baju batik.
4. Saat mencuci desain baju batik, jangan pakai deterjen dan jangan digosok. Jika batik tak terlalu kotor, cukup rendam di air hangat. Tapi jika benar-benar kotor, misalnya terkena noda makanan, bisa dihilangkan dengan sabun mandi atau kulit jeruk. Caranya, cukup dengan mengusapkan sabun mandi atau kulit jeruk di bagian yang kotor tadi.
5. Sebaiknya, jangan mencuci batik dengan mesin cuci.
6. Saat akan menjemurnya, batik yang basah tak perlu diperas. Dan jangan menjemurnya langsung di bawah sinar matahari. Jemurlah di tempat teduh atau diangin-anginkan hingga kering.
7. Saat menjemurnya, tarik bagian tepi batik secara perlahan agar serat yang terlipat kembali ke posisi semula.
8. Jika sudah dijemur, hindari menyeterika batik secara langsung. Jika batik tampak sangat kusut, semprotkan sedikit air di atas kain batik lalu letakan sehelai alas kain di atasnya, baru diseterika.
9. Bila Anda ingin memberi pewangi atau pelembut kain pada batik tulis, jangan semprotkan langsung pada kainnya. Sebaiknya, tutupi dulu batik tulis dengan koran, lalu semprotkan cairan pewangi dan pelembut kain tadi di atas koran.
10. Jangan semprotkan parfum atau minyak wangi langsung ke kain batik, terutama batik sutera dengan pewarna alami.
11. Simpan batik kesayangan Anda dalam plastik agar tak dimakan ngengat. Saat disimpan dalam lemari jangan diberi kapur barus, karena zat padat ini sangat keras dan bisa merusak batik.
12. Cara lain agar batik tak dimakan ngengat, beri sedikit merica yang dibungkus tisu di lemari tempat menyimpan batik. Atau, letakkan akar wangi yang sudah dua kali melalu proses pencelupan dalam air panas dan dijemur hingga kering. Baju Batik anda akan selalu tampil baru sepeti di tempat jual batik dan jual baju batik.

Bahaya Minuman Energi

Bahaya Minuman Energi
Para penggemar minuman energi sebaiknya lebih berhati-hati memilih produk tersebut di pasaran. Sebuah penelitian menunjukkan, kafein yang terkandung dalam minuman energi bisa jauh lebih tinggi dibanding secangkir kopi. Selain itu, kafein dalam minuman energi juga berpotensi menimbulkan risiko yang lebih besar, khususnya bila dicampur dengan minuman beralkohol.

"Apa yang kita ketahui sekarang, minuman energi bisa mengandung seperempat cangkir gula dan lebih banyak mengandung kafein ketimbang secangkir kopi pekat," ungkap John Higgins, peneliti dari Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Texas, Houston, AS, yang memuat risetnya pada jurnal Mayo Clinic Proceedings edisi November.

Kadar kafein dalam minuman energi bisa sangat beragam, yakni antara 70 dan 200 miligram setiap 16 ons penyajiannya. Sebagai perbandingan, secangkir kopi 8 ons mengandung 40-150 mg kafein, tergantung bagaimana kopi itu diseduh.

"Isu lain yang menjadi sorotan adalah tidak semua bahan yang terkandung dalam minuman energi dicantumkan pada label kemasan. Bahan-bahan seperti herbal stimulan guarana, asam amino taurin, serta ramuan, mineral, dan vitamin lainnya yang mungkin dapat berinteraksi dengan kafein luput dari label," ungkap Higgins seperti dilansir Reuters.

Kekhawatirannya adalah, bagaimana bercampurnya bahan-bahan tersebut akan memengaruhi denyut jantung, tekanan darah, dan bahkan kondisi mental, khususnya saat dikonsumsi dalam jumlah besar bersama alkohol atau saat dikonsumsi oleh atlet.

Higgins dan koleganya mengkaji ulang literatur medis mengenai minuman energi dan bahan-bahan pembentuknya antara tahun 1976 dan 2010. Tim Higgins hanya menemukan sedikit saja penelitian mengenai dampak dari hal tersebut.

Beberapa penelitian kecil itu, yang biasanya dilakukan terhadap usia dewasa muda yang aktif dalam kegiatan fisik, menunjukkan bahwa minuman energi dapat meningkatkan tekanan darah dan denyut jantung. Namun, bukti tentang adanya dampak lebih serius seperti serangan jantung, kejang, dan kematian masih dianggap sebagai anekdot.

Norwegia, Denmark, dan Perancis belum lama ini melarang peredaran minuman energi Red Bull setelah sebuah penelitian terhadap tikus menunjukkan, "Tikus-tikus yang diberi taurin menunjukkan perilaku aneh seperti gelisah dan bunuh diri."

"Kita bukanlah tikus. Namun, konsumsi minuman tersebut telah menunjukkan hubungan positif dengan perilaku berisiko tinggi," tulis Higgis dan koleganya.

Minuman berenergi kerap dipromosikan dan digunakan oleh atlet untuk mendapat "dorongan ekstra". Namun, Higgins dan timnya menyatakan, minuman energi berisiko menimbulkan dehidrasi serius terhadap penggunanya. Hal itu didasarkan pada cara kafein dan bahan-bahan lain dalam memengaruhi tubuh manusia.

"Air atau minuman olahraga beroktan rendah yang mengandung elektrolit, mineral dan karbohidrat menjadi pilihan yang lebih baik," tambahnya.

Higgins bilang, mereka yang bukan atlet sebaiknya tidak minum lebih dari satu sajian minuman energi per hari, tidak mencampurkannya dengan alkohol, dan minum banyak air setelah berolahraga.

"Mereka yang mengidap hipertensi sebaiknya jangan menenggak minuman energi, dan yang memiliki penyakit seperti penyakit jantung sebaiknya berkonsultasi dengan dokter sebelum mengonsumsinya. Aturan terhadap minuman energi dapat menjadi cara jangka panjang untuk mengatasi masalah yang mungkin terjadi," tambah Higgins.

"Industri dapat mencampurkan apa pun dalam minuman itu, membuat iklan semenarik mungkin, dan masyarakat pun dapat mengonsumi apa saja. Namun bila situasi terus berlanjut seperti ini, Anda akan terkena masalah," katanya.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Makanan Menghambat Penuaan

4 Makanan Menghambat Penuaan
Kini telah hadir berbagai upaya untuk menunda tanda-tanda penuaan seperti melalui beberapa jenis operasi. Padahal inti dari pencegahan tanda-tanda penuaan hanyalah dengan memanjakan struktur kulit, kolagen, dan serat elastin yang membuat kulit wajah Anda selalu tampak halus.

Sebelum kita mengetahui bagaimana sebenarnya cara tepat mencegah tanda-tanda oenuaan, ada baiknya kita terlebih dulu mengenali penyebab hal yang terjadi secara alamiah tersebut.

1. Penyebab
Tanda-tanda penuaan terutama seperti keriput dipicu oleh berbagai faktor seperti pertambahan usia, paparan sinar matahari, rokok, genetis, pola makan seperti konsumsi makanan yang tinggi karbohidrat dan lemak tak jenuh. Semua faktor itu berkontribusi mengiskis kolagen dan elastin yakni serat-serat yang menjaga kulit agar tetap halus, elastis, dan mulus.

Saat menganalisis kulit 453 perempuan asal Autralia, Yunani, dan Swedia, pada dermatolog menemukan bahwa pola makan sehat ternyata tak dapat mengatasi kerusakan kulit seseorang yang disebabkan rokok atau kulit tak terlindungi dari sinar matahari.

2. Pencegah
Meski begitu, para dermatolog tersebut pun merekomendasikan beberapa makanan yang mesti dikonsumsi dan dihindari guna mencegah tanda-tanda penuaan dini.

Makanan yang sebaiknya dikonsumsi yakni minyak zaitun, susu rendah lemak, air putih dan teh, buah dan sayuran, telur, dan kacang-kacangan. Adapun makanan yang mesti dihindari antara lain mentega, kue-kue kering, minuman bersoda, susu berlemak, dan kentang.

Adapun berikut beberapa cara yang bisa Anda terapkan pada pola makanan guna mencegah tanda-tanda lenuaan muncul lebih dini di antaranya:

a. Makan lebih banyak buah dan sayur
Ketika tim peneliti Inggris memantau pola makan dan kerutan sebanyak 4.025 perempuan paruh baya, mereka menemukan bahwa makanan kaya vitamin C mampu mengurangi kerutan muncul lebih dini hingga 36 persen. Vitamin sekaligus antioksidan ini mampu melindungi kulit dari radikal bebas yakni molekul pada oksigen yang merusak kolagen.

Mengasup banyak makanan bervitamin C sangatlah mudah. Coba perbanyak makan buah beri atau jus jeruk untuk sarapan, paprika merah dan anggur untuyk makan siang serta brokoli untuk makan malam.

b. Makan salmon
Ikan salmon kaya akan asam lemak omega 3 yang memang sebelumnya dinyatakan mampu mengurangi timbulnya tanda-tanda penuaan dini hingga 25 persen. Selain salmon, makanan lain yang juga kaya omega 3 yakni kenari, minyak canola, minyak ikan dalam bentuk kapsul, dan biji rami.

c. Minum cokelat hangat tanpa gula
Setelah diteliti, zat antioksidan yang bernama epicatechin dan catechin yang terkandung dalam cokelat mampu melindungi kulit dari kerusakan kulit akibat paparan sinar matahari dan mendorong sirkulasi sel-sel kulit.

d. Hindari roti putih dan gula
Setiap 50 gram karbohidrat yang kita konsumsi setiap harinya meningkatkan risiko munculnya kerutan pada kulit hingga 28 persen. Hal itu mungkin disebabkan banyaknya molekul glikasi dari gula dan protein yang akan merusak kolagen dan elastin.

11 Cara Mencegah Hipertensi

11 Cara Mencegah Hipertensi
Selama ini, orang yang mudah marah dan tersinggung selalu dijuluki 'si darah tinggi', padahal tak semua orang bersifat demikian memang mangalami darah tinggi. Namun memang diakui sebagian besar penderita hipertensi atau darah tinggi cenderung tidak dapat mengendalikan emosi, kurang sabar, dan mudah tersinggung. Lalu bagaimana cara untuk menghindarkan diri dari kondisi tersebut?

Tekanan darah tinggi atau hipertensi adalah kondisi medis dengan terjadinya peningkatan tekanan darah secara kronis. Tekanan darah yang selalu tinggi adalah salah satu faktor risiko untuk stroke, serangan jantung, gagal jantung, dan aneurisma arterial. Hipertensi juga merupakan penyebab utama gagal jantung kronis. Penderita hipertensi biasanya akan menagalmi beberapa gejala seperti sakit kepala, pusing, dan kelelahan. Karena itu tak mengehrankan dalam kondisi tersebut emosinya mudah sekali terpancing bila terpicu oleh yang sesuatu tidak berkenan.

Hipertensi dapat disebabkan berbagai faktor di antaranya genetis dan lingkungan. Lebih dari 40 persen penderita hipetensi diketahui memang memiliki anggota keluarga yang telah mengidap hipertensi. Selain itu, gaya hidup modern dan lingkungan seperti lembur dan kurang tidur juga memiliki peran besar memicu hipertensi.

Lalu bagaimana caranya agar kita terhindar dari hipertensi atau setidaknya menekan risiko terkena kondisi medis tersebut? Perubahan gaya hidup adalah kuncinya. Gaya hidup sehat akan menhindarkan kita dari efek negatif hipertensi. Berikut beberapa perubahan dalam gayahidup sehari-hari yang dapan memperkecil risiko terkena hipertensi:

1. Olahraga rutin
2. Lakukan aktivitas menyenangkan di luar ruangan
3. Dapatkan vitamin D yang cukup, setidaknya dari paparan sinar matahari
4. Makan makanan tinggi serat seperti buah dan sayur
5. Berhenti merokok
6. Kurangi meminum alkohol
7. Tidur malam yang cukup
8. Ciptakan kehidupan rumah tangga yang sehat dan harmonis
9. Telusuri sejarah medis keluarga dan konsultasikan dengan dokter
10. Bila mengidap diabetes, segera lakukan pengobatan
11. Jaga berat tubuh agar tetap seimbang. 

Film Action Dorong Remaja jadi Agresif

Film Action Dorong Remaja jadi Agresif
Menonton berbagai tayangan yang memperlihatkan aksi kekerasan seperti halnya pada film, program televisi, ataupun video games berpotensi membentuk pribadi remaja putra yang agresif.

Kesimpulan itu didapatkan setelah diadakan penelitian terhadap 22 remaja putra berusia 14-17 tahun yang telah diperlihatkan tayangan video aksi kekerasan sementara mesin pemindai memantau aktivitas otak mereka.

Hasilnya cukup mengejutkan, semakin lama mereka menonton tayangan itu, mereka lama-kelamaan menjadi terbiasa dan cuek saat melihat adegan kekerasan.

Ketua penelitian Dr Jordan Grafman dari Institut Kesehatan Nasional Bethesda, Maryland, Amerika Serikat, mengatakan, "Kami menemukan bahwa para remaja putra yang terpapar tayangan kekerasan dalam jangka panjang, aktivasi di daerah otak yang terkait dengan reaktivitas emosi menurun. Hal itu dapat terlihat dari data yang diambil memlaui MRI dan respons dari konduktansi kulit."

Ia memaparkan penemuan ini terbilang penting karena tayangan kekerasan menghambat reaksi emosional dari waktu ke waktu sehingga tingkat emosi seorang remaja normal lama-kelamaan akan terkikis. Untuk itu, dikhawatirkan remaja akan semakin kebal dan cuek terhadap kekerasan dan bahkan dapat menerimanya sebagai sesuatu yang biasa. Mereka pun cenderung akan bersifat lebih agresif karena tingkat emosi mampu mengerem agresivitas semakin berkurang.

Penelitian yang mengombinasikan kumpulan data perilaku, aktivitas otak, dan konduktansi kulit ini merupakan studi yang paling komprehensif dalam hal analisis mengenai kaitan antara agresivitas dan kekerasan yang diakibatkan media. Hasil studi ini pun telah dipublikasikan pada jurnal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience edisi Oktober 2010.

Ada baiknya kita selalu memantau apa yang ditonton putra kita di televisi ataupun pada komputernya agar mereka tak menjadi pribadi yang cuek dan agresif.

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